Saturday, July 30, 2005

When do you walk away

The lower eastside became the Friday night playground for the claque and as we went to get our drink on. I haven't hit the Hamptons as often as I liked but it seemed that the girls maintained their relationships with their hooksups from the Hamptons because they were with us too. I was alone. Usually when that happens I sit it out and stay home. I don't like being labled as the cock blocker and as the only one without a boyfriend tyhere was a risk the everyone was going to sleep alone. I didn't care. I went out anyway. When you are the only girl without a boyfriend you have to be really careful when you are with friends who do. If you talk too much to one boy, your girlfriend will feel like you are flirting with them and get mad at the boy, if you talk to the one of your girlfriends, there is a risk that the boyfriend will be cut loose. And if you are too quiet, the girls notice and girl loyalty kicks in and they make like a wagon train around you leaving the boys to their own private sausage party.

But I didn't care either way. The only thing on my mind last night was that what I do next with my life. What is the next stage?

While the rest of the girls were having their summer romances, VD and I got into a conversation while her f-buddy was working the DJ booth. VD dropped the bomb when she confessed to me that she was going to stop doing PR.

My tampon almost popped out when I heard that. VD has been hardcre with PR since college and got the guts to start her business in her junior year starting with with college bands, djs and clubs. Out of all of us I always thought she would be the most successful.

VD told me that when she did the numbers she was barely breaking even. Recently her Dad has been breathing down her neck about her business he is bankrolling. She talked like some old man missing the way things used to be. As far as she is concerned the business has changed very qucikly. Clubs and bands which are her main customers are getting smarter about PR and realize they can make it cheaper by doing their own PR by setting up their own websites or getting some groupies who will work for free tickets. VD can't even trade anymorewith her clients. If a band or club couldn't pay her they would trade access or perks like free drinks for her help. Now bands don't want do that since they can make more money off the access and selling drinks and its not worth the publicity since they can get it on their own.

What also is not helping is the whole 15 minutes of fame virus that has been spreading. First it was the reality shows with their wannabe stars filling the airwaves. For the past month VD had been hounded by this guy who audtioned for the first Wannabe a VJ contest which was like 10 years ago. Now VD is bitching about some girl who is getting her own tv show because she writes about her sex life on the internet. This girl got written up in the NYT. Now they are talking it up as the next Sex and the City and she is going to get a book deal.

We both agreed that it was doomed. Whenever something tries to be a clone of something especially something as popular as Sex and the City it just doesn't work with the public since it is not as good as the original.

VD was like didn't idiots learn from Friends? When Friends hit big, all the networks started to put out friends clones which all got cancelled. Even after they saw their competitors fail, NBC tried to do another Friends with Coupling which crashed and burned. It will be a long time before there is another Sex and the City since the show went out with such a bang and has such a strong following and it remains in people's heads because of the reruns. In order for something to new it has to be forgotten. It is hard to forget something when you can see it everynight.

VD has this theory about people who want to be famous just wants to be remembered. That after they die they want a record that were around other than their birth certificate. This is why she feels people go into porn because at least they will be remembered in some way.

So VD is all mediaed out. Because of that NYT item everytime she tells someone pitches their website as the most popular in Mongolia and wants her to them on tv.
She also said that she was tired of being on a leash and her guilt trips were only going to go so far with her father.

I asked her what she wanted to do. She told me she was thinking of doing something with business and getting an MBA. I was really shocked when I heard that. First of all she hates math and her grades aren't the greatest. I was like what do you want to do with that. She was like I don't know but I am just want to do something where I will be taken seriously and I don't ask my Dad for money.

VD and I are a little different. Like the rest of the claque we got bank and then some. Some of us have trust funds or really rich parents. VD just has a rich father. She can him play him like a piano but I guess she doesn't like the tune she is hearing.

I was like why? Why do you want to quit and do this? Her response was "Don't you want to be independent? Don't you want to feel like you are on your own?"

I was like I am on my own? VD was like no. You're not. None of us are. We don't support ourselves. Do you know why? Because we are just winners of the birth lottery.

I was like so you feel guilty for having money?

VD started to get annoyed. You don't get it. This isn't our money. It never was. We never earned this. I will never apologize for having more than others. It is just the way things are. And I don't regret coming from a rich family. But it doesn't mean I have to accept this. I can take what I have been given and do something else with it. I know it sounds kind of stupid but 20 years from now I just want to be able to know I did something that had meaning. That I wasn't just sitting on my ass waiting to become a housewife. I mean I will end up being a housewife eventually and raise kids but I want to know that I something before that.

She was silent after that and I didn't know what to say. It was sooo nowhere.

Then she told me that she was pround of me. That I was sticking it out with this internship. She was worried that I would just end up being a desperate housewife. She was like you know you could be a lawyer.

I was like what?

She was like the way you hold your own against your Dad shows you have alot of potential. You should think about law school.

VD quickly lost interest in my law career when her F-buddy came back and they started to suck face. I ended up talking to some guy who worked as a PA at Fox News.

But the only thought that kept lingering was me a lawyer.

Me. A lawyer.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Checking my options

In kindergarten, I got into trouble when Ms. W was leading the class in animal sounds. She would ask what sound does a cow make and we would all go moo. Then she would ask what a sound dog makes and we would go ruff. Then she would go what the sound a bee make. The rest of the class would go buzz but I would go ruff. The kids around me would stare at me. One girl Lisa said outloud "A bee doesn't go ruff."

After that happened Ms. W had a talk with my mom and suggested that I may developmentally challenged. She was a hair away from being fired. Dad talked her out of it. But I think my parents may have thought I was a bit off in my childhood especially when I had these rain man moments when I would go read the entire encyclopedia britannica.

I am not perfect. It is just me. Don't ask me how I got pass school. But let's just say college students will do anything for beer money. But I was always told by my teachers that if I applied myself and took some effort to look over my work I would be fine.

Its really sweet of you all to give me advice. I beginning to realize there are nice people out there despite the fact there are alot of them with a serious hate on for me. Its nice to know I am being cheered on.

Next month is my last doing this internship then I have to figure out what to do. My brain is just focused on getting this internship over with. I'll figure out the rest later.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sex Madness

A loud crash woke me up this morning at 3 am. Then there was some more banging which came from the upstairs. Usally I call the doorman to complain but I was uncontrollably pissed. Maybe it was becasue my job was pissing off. Maybe its becasue I hadn't been on a date since the ice age but I ran up the stairs ready to scream at someone. I bang on the door and it opens and this really fat girl pops her head out. And before I can rip her head off and crap down her neck, she says "I'm sorry. We just broke the bed."

For some reason I get really calm and walk away. The rest of the night I am laying in bed awake thinking there is a fat girl getting more action than me. Yet, I am so much cuter than she is. I'm lucky she didn't come crashing through the ceiling.

I couldn't sleep so I spent the rest of the night cleaning out the tvio with reruns of the OC and Desperate Houswives.

I had lunch with my parents at Bareny Green Grass. It was crowded as always but Dad is a frequent customre so we got a good table. It was a very pleasant breakfast. Dad asked me how I was doing at the internship. I said I was doing alright. Both of my parents were happy that I was doing something constructive with my life. I am not sure how being an office slave is a constructive but I just wnet along with it. Dad asked what I was thinking of doing after the internship, I told him I wasn't sure as of yet. I expected him to go off but he was cool. He said he hoped I found something so I wouldn't lose momentum.

After breakfast we walked over to my apartment and I narrowly avoided them coming up which I would have freaked since it was a mess but they had to meet some friends.

So what now princess? What do I do after this lovely intership?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

In bed again

I had to go to the dentist this morning to get my tooth filled from the root canal. Then the dentist told me that I had five cavaties. It was a very painful morning. I have been recovering in my bed at home. My parents's home that is. Ever since I had the root canal Mom has been very protective of my teeth. I am a 21 year old girl and I have to have to be accompanied by my mother to the dentist. Pathetic.

So hear I am in my old bedroom back in my parents place. Mom brought me back here since I was still in novocaine shock and she was worried about me. So I have been drifitng in and out of sleep and watching tv. My Mom thinks getting fillings is a form of minor surgery. Combined with the drugs and the drilling you need your body to recovery. I have to agree. I am under the covers in my unmentionables. I just realize I don't have an extra pair.

My room is pretty much the same. There are some old posters of the Smiths. The BS got me into that. And there is a WDRE sticker on my dresser mirror that she gave me.I was so young but I thought I was mature when I got that. I should save that since WDRE no longer exists. I heard WDRE turned into WLIR and now its a Mexican music station. Its scary how things change. It is a tragedy since alternative radio is probably the only good thing that has come out of Long Island.

Being in my room I realize there is no such thing as immortality. We are like all just sitting around in our underwear until the end. After that you are forgotten.

When I was flipping the channels and saw Sandra Day O'Connor reading a poem. It really freaked me out. I found it online

Sometime, when you're feeling important,
Sometime, when your ego's in bloom,
Sometime, when you take it for granted,
You're the best qualified in the room;

Sometime when you feel that you're going,
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow this simple instruction,
And see how it humbles your soul.

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist.
Pull it out, and the hole that's remaining,
Is a measure of how you'll be missed.

You may splash all you please when you enter,
You can stir up the water galore,
But stop, and you'll find in a minute,
That it looks quite the same as before.

The moral in this quaint example
Is do just the best that you can,
Be proud of yourself, but remember,
There is no indispensable man.

This is a former Supremem Court Justice reading this poem. I am not a law genius but I know enough these are the most powerful people in the land. And she is reading this.

Sometimes I wonder what the point is in all of this. I can only imagine how the Djs felt when they heard they would be going to a Mexican format.

Parents are out. I am alone in my room. Feels like high school.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back to work

Its too damn hot to work. I hate taking the train. I want car service but Dad cut that off. I would like to cab it but I am trying to budget myself. Trying ot be a good girl.

I got a call from Dad asking me what I was going to do when my internship ends. I was like I dunno. He was like ok and said that we should talk this weekend. I was like whatever. I am not looking forward to this but I don't have a choice. He probably heard about what I pulled off.

Its a little early but I am not sure what I'll be doing after this. I have like a month then I have to figure out what I need to do with my life. I am actually thinking of grad school. I am not sure in what. Maybe I should just get an MRS degree.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Your hired

I did it. I pulled it off. It was complete bs but they ate it up and had to swallow. When I walked into the office the receptionist was suprised to see me. I didn't miss a beat and said good morning to her and then went straight to my cube. On the way I saw the other paralegals. We exchanged pleasantaries but it was entirely fake since well all knew what was really going on but I acted like nothing happened.

I went to sit down when one the lawyer who interviewed me asked to speak to me. We went into her office and sat down. She looked at me with this strange look and cut to the chase that she sent me an email I had been terminated because I did not report into work. I acted shocked and said that I called in to say I was sick and I wasn't sure if I was going to be coming in that week. And I did not hear from the office about me being absent so I assumed everything was ok. She began to go into to litigator mode and asked over and over again if I had checked my email and what emails I recieved from work. And why hadn't I called. If I was so sick why was I able to open my email. I told her I checked it once a day but I was in bed most of the time. As for not calling I kept saying that I didn't think it was necessary because I felt my last message mentioned how ill I was.

I kept sticking to my story. I called in the beginning of the week and I did not recieve any emails from the office so I as completely out of the loop. Then I turned it around and asked why she didn't call me. Her response was that the only contact info I left was my email address. I acted really shocked saying that I left my full contact info the first day I started working. She was like we don't have anything on record. I was like there must be something wrong with your records. She got really pissed. She was like there was nothing wrong with the records, you just didn't write your full contact info. And I was like if there was a problem with my contact info why wasn't I told before hand.

This went on for 20 minutes. She kept saying it was my responsibility to contact the office if I was to be absent from work. I said I did. She was like no you didn't. I was like yes I did at the first of the week.

She tried to through curve ball about the emails, saying that according to her computer it stated that I recieved them so I must have known I was fired. I kept standing my ground that I never recieved anything. I knew she was trying to get me to crack but if she had evidence she would have pulled it out already. Lawyer girl, you don't know me. When you lived your life as daddy's personal cross examination punching bag you learn a trick or three. She was right but she had no hard evidence back it up and I sure as hell was not going to help her.

Finally, she gave up. I could see on her face that I wasn't worth her time. She said to me, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that this was all a mishap and yadaa yadaa yadaa. Then told me that I had to be more responsible. And I shot back I was. I've been really really ill. She got really pissed and said to me that this is unacceptable and that in a professional work enviornment I would be canned. But because of this mishap and the fact they are underhanded she would reinstate me.

I decided to let it go and we shook hands and left it at that. VD. I love you girl.

I have been getting some comments that I wish to address because I think there is a bit of confusion about this whole deal.

I want to get something clear. I do not have a real job. I am 10 dollar an hour an intern. I make a bit more than minummun wage but I am an intern not an employee. Which means I am replaceable.

VD calls internships free temps. Because interns are basically free labor. VD did a ton of them in college and she was basically a temp stuffing envelopes, filing and copying. She told a bunch of stories where some interns were slacking off or pissed off someone on staff and they were gone the next day. It doesn't matter. There is always some other eager beaver who needs experience and connections. In fact VD is in the process of setting up an intern sweatshop for her company since it will save her alot of money.

Um, if you're sick, you need to call in every day that you're sick and let them know that you are not coming in. And they do have a right to request a doctor's note. After 3 days of not coming into work, it's considered job abandonment, and they have every right to terminate you. VD isn't very good at this "HR mode" thingy.

I have never heard of this before. It sounds like being back in school. But if it is for real it probably only applies to people who are employees. Remember, I am an intern. I don't really count. Even though I get paid 10 bucks its nothing compared to the other paralegals salary.

The intern game is not cut and dry like the job game. You get alot more freedom to screw since you are just there for experience and people tend to cut you a ton of slack.

How the hell do you get -- or even apply -- for a job without giving a phone number? Liar.

Biatch, I know some people who have get jobs without even applying. They show up. Do their thing and leave. I am told its called freelance. In the club circuit alot of the gigs are done through email. You are obviously the liar since you don't understand the ways of Manhattan yet you claim to be an expert with your accusations.

I am firing you from my list of frequented sites. You are so full of crap. What company only has your email address??....i mean if you got this lame job through connections i would think they would know how to get a hold of you or at least your family to make sure you were murdered and chopped up into pieces and put in a foot locker before they fired you in an email.

No, biatch. I am firing you. You are forever banned from reading my blog. I don't even know how you got this far reading my blog. The sheer magnitude of my work should have blown out septic tank of crap in your skill. As I have said before, I am an intern. Things slide when it comes to interns. Look at what happened to the most famous intern of all. No one could believe that could have happened but it did. Because she was an intern. No one took her seriously.

Email is like the most common form of communication. People breakup, propose, argue and do business over email. Why wouldn't I be fired over email?

Please keep us posted; I am dying to see how Papa JAP is going to react to this one!

He's not. Because I didn't get fired. And watch what you call my dad or I will beat your ass.

Damn. I feel like such a pimp gangsta bitch. Who wants to mess with the Prada Princess?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Your fired.

I've been up since 6 since I am nervous wreck. My memory laps have stopped. I think its because of me being sick and my period. I didn't check my emails till yesterday and I found out I was fired over email.

Here's the deal. When I got sick last week I left a voice mail at work with one of the lawyers letting them I would not be coming in. I figured I was covered. But according to these emails they never heard from me after that. The last one was on Thursday sayiing that since I never responded that they were "terminating my internship".

I was freaking out yesterday and called VD. VD went into to HR mode and was like why didn't they call instead of email. I told her the only way they could contact me was through email since I never left my full contact info because I didn't want to be
bothered at home. So she was like, so you didn't call them except for that time when you told them you were sick and they haven't called you. I was like I haven't called them since leaving the voicemail and I haven't contacted them by voicemail. And then VD asked if I had responded to the emails. I was like no. Then I was like should I call them? And Vd was like no. She told to go into work on Monday morning. I was like what? She said just go. Act like nothin happened. When they asked what you are doing here and you were fired act really surprised and deny you got the emails. Remember, until they have a confirmation that you actaully got the emails, as far you are concerned you still work there. I was liek what? VD ket reassuring it owuld be alright. Jsut go in there act surprised and tell them its not your fault and that you called in and left a message stating you were sick and that you were so ill you did not call in and you assumed that got the message that you called in. VD told me I was just a 10 dollar and hour intern that so they would let it slide since I had no real responsibilities there. Besides. Emails get lost. But I had to act ignorant of what I was doing and believe my innocence. She told me that this is how the Republican party gets away with everything.

Its 9:23. I am going in. I feel really scared.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I am up right now and the computer is on. I turned it off last night didn't I? And I see a bottle of vodka opened up on my table, but I never drink vodka with cranberry.

I am trying to backtrack. After I blogged I went out for tampons. When I came back I patted myself down but nothing. I freaked . I ran around looking for them. Went back to the Duane Reade. I was freaking out asking everyone if they had seen my keys. Then I put my hand in my pocket and found my key. I had figured out I had tekn it off my keychain since it was so bulky.

This is really starting to scare me. Back in college I went through this forgetfulness pahse. I mean we are talking Memento level. Anyways I was having these blackouts. It really freaked me out because I would wake up in my dorm and not remember how I got there. I kept forgetting my books,. There was one time I was in charge of a social and I forgot ot bring the beer.

The doctor checked me out and said it was to due to stres, lack of sleep and large amounts of partying. My parents were relieved. I didn't find out later but they were arranging rehab for me after I missed my flight home for Thanksgiving. Apparently an intervention was in the process that I found out until afterwards.

I am going to turn off the computer. I am going to take the keyboard and place it next to my bed. That way I know I am not crazy.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The smackdown returns

After hacking enough mucus to choke a cow, I went through to find some serious hateage on my blog. I almost f**king die and get c**t zapped.

seriously, develop a coke habit. you will have way better stories. do it for your art, PP.

You think coke is funny? Do you know how many people I know who have been chained to walking the white line? There was this one girl in my school who was training to be a ballet dancer. She was actually in the Nutcracker Suite a couple of times. She was so good that Zoe would beg her to be in the drama club productions.

One day she dissappeared. I never knew what happened to her until a couple of weeks later when T told us that ballet girl was on a diet of nose candy to suppress her appetite. Ballerinas are notoriously skinny and this was ballet girl's way to deal with her weight.

Do I see people beak up? Yes. But I don't get involved.

Then I got these three priceless jems.

now i really do this you are fake b/c i don't think cell phones were small enough to carry around when you were a freahmen in HS...i call bulls**t

O Learned One said...
i also call bullsh**. what fucking bars allow 14 year olds?

Why were you shopping at the Woodbury Commons OUTLET if you really are as blinged out as you'd like us to believe?? Yes, Woodbury Commons is elite as far as OUTLETS go, but seriously now, why aren't you extending the plastic over at the flagships on the actual island????

I was going go Samuel L. Jackson on their asses but then I got this lovely response

Anonymous said...
Blech, you people are all so unnecessarily critical. I thought her entry was cute, and I can answer all of your questions for her with little or no thought, nor without even knowing her. And I will do just that since she sounds like she needs the rest.

Coke comment...dismissed...I'm bored. More originality please.

Next up: Please! Just bceause cell phones weren't small doesn't mean people still didn't carry them around. Try to remember your own cell phone from eight years ago...mine was big then too but it still came with me everywhere at that age.

Then: She said she met her boyfriend at a sweet sixteen party, meaning she was probably roughly around the same age. In regards to what bar in NY would let them in...check out this article:
Then move out of your small town.

Lastly: She explained in her post that the reason they were at Woodbury was that they were looking for a pair of pants they couldn't find anywhere else. Any moron with half a brain would know that the pants were most likely out of season if they had to shlep over to Woodbury. We've all done desperate things in the name of fashion...get over youself.

It's so pathetic that you people have nothing better to do but sit around trying to unsucessfully call bullshit on someone telling a story about a childhood trauma. Go out and live your own crazy lives and write about them on your own blogs. Lord knows I do.

I couldn't have said it better. But I am going to.

I never said we used cellphones. Why are you putting words in my mouth?

As for you O Learned One. Stick to what you know like cow tipping, trailerparks and cross burning. If there is one you should learn from me is that in Manhattan all it takes is the serivces of Henri Bendel, tight jeans, a pair of chicken cutlets and your sister's college ID and you can go party like P.Diddy.

As I have said before. I am not a big fan of Woodbury. But VD wanted those pants and they were nowhere to be found. You have to remember this was before online shopping became so big.

Its almost 11 and I am out of tampons. Running out to Duane Reade.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lindsay Lohan in a box

This is awesome. It's from this online site called ShopIntuition

Here's the description.

The My Scene Goes Hollywood™ Lindsay Lohan doll is ready to hit the red carpet with a full movie premiere outfit, faux fur-trimmed coat, director's chair, velvet-style rope,and lots of fun movie-themed accessories. Ages 6 and over. Comes with its very own bong.
I'm kidding. About the bong that is. I don't think its an exact model of Lindsay's body because it does not show her obvious assets It think should have designed it so that when you pump her arms she starts to go into puberty.

Move over Barbie, there's a new biatch in town.

Still sick. Not throwing up.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Sick in the Summer

I have some type of weird flu virus. I was fine yesterday but I when I started my raw food diet I satred to feel like I was coming down with someting. I should have washed the celery more thorougly.

I have no strength to yell at any of you. Go ahead. Take advantage of me in my time of need. Just like my first boyfriend who kept making excuses that he could not see me because of the commute from his school from Wallingford.

This is funny. I am thinking of my first boyfriend when I was a freshman. He was a Junior and went to private school in Connecticut. We met at a sweet sixteen on the upper west side. He looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model with his sandy hair and muscular body scuplted from hours in the gym and soccer practice. He was my first. My first kiss. Sickos.

After the party he would visit from school on the weekends and we would hit the clubs and bars. He would take me to these unknown punk and hip hop bands. He introduced me to Kid Rock before he hit it big.

We were together for a month then he stopped coming in and kept tellingme he was busy with finals. Then when I tried to call him, he was never around. Always in the library his roommate would say. I was actually tempted to visit him but I had no idea where Quantrel was.

My spring romance was officially over when at all places Woodbury Commons. VD was obsessed with this pair of Armani pants that was nowhere to found in New York and convinced me to come with her. It was while we were going through piles of underwear with the rest of the B&T that I saw him with another girl in the same store. She was looking through some shirts while he stood behind her with his arms around her waist and his mouth whispering something in his ear.

I dropped everything and ran out of the store to the nearest bathroom. VD called me ten times on my cell and found me in the bathroom where I bawled the whole story. It was at that time that VD's Dad was cheating on her mom so VD was in the mood to kill. For the rest of the day we tried to track them down. VD's plan was to fine their car and slash their tires but we never found them.

The best thing that came out of Woodbury was that we found the pair of pants she was looking for.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Chocolate Lucky Charms

Last night I ate a box of lucky charms with soy milk. I couldn't help myself. It was the chocolate flavored kind. My sister once told me that Lucky Charms was once all marshmallow. Mmmmm. Marhsmallow.

I was supposed to go out last night but the rain was insane. Also VD was still recovering from her drama last 4th with her F-Buddy. During the fireworks she asked him where this was leading too. He got a little freaked out about that. VD ended up in the bathroom most of the night crying.

I caught the tail end of True Life on MTV about perfect bodies. There was this one girl, I think her name is Rebecca. Anyways she had amazing body. Perfect abs and gluets. She placed 10th out of 17 in this fitness competion. What was really surprising was that not only was it her first competion but she also graduated from Harvard with a MA in neuroscience. A nerd with abs. I want her body.

This whole Jap thing is getting on my nerves.

Which is why you referred to yourself as a Jap?

"I guess what I do JAP rap. But only I can say that since I am Jewish."

It's in the archives. Idiot.

Well, guess what. I changed my mind. Its not ok. Have you ever changed your mind? Y'know, you want to get sushi but then you realize its Monday so the fish is going to be nasty because its leftover from the weekend and then you change your mind and get a burger instead. I am in a stage right now where I am really not crazy about the word.

The world is at your fingertips, huh? tell us again... WHY exactly are you currently employed as the resident office bitch?

Watch you mouth Nikki. But your right. Why am I doing this? Why am I dealing with these idiots at the office? I don't know. It feels like I need to do this. When I was kid I had this habit of starting and stopping. I wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was in first grade. After a month I stopped because it was too hard. That also happened with piano and voice lessons. In high school I wanted to be in the drama club but I stopped after I got dissed by the president. Mom and Dad drew the line when I wanted to do equestrian. My whole freaked out when I finished college because they never thought I would make it through. They deny it but I know they put a pool to see if I would graduate. I have to see this through no matter how much it sucks. Or until they fire me.

If the world is "at your fingertips", PP, then why are you not doing a single goddam thing to help anybody, anywhere, anytime?

You are a princess? Yeah right. Get off your selfish, spoiled butt and do something for someone else, dip***.

Ok. First of all suck my big Jappy ass. I am not some lapdog who has to go out and do things for other people so I can feel better about myself. I bet your one of those fake people who think your all high and mighty because you watch public television and donate ten bucks to get a totebag. Besides. How can I help other peopel out if I can't help myself.

It's a beautiful day. I don't want to spend it dealing with the haterade.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Stop the HAte

PP You are a fake. Why aren't you in the Hamptons with the rest of the JAPs?

Ok first of all I generally avoid the Hamptons during the holidays since it is packed with people like free for all at Century 21. Also I take offense to the word JAP.

Yes. I am a princess. Let's be honest. With my money and connections the world is at my fingertips. But I don't think its because Jewish. I find the J word offensive since it stereotypes a certain group of people. Princesses exist all over the world. I have seen Japanese princesses and Italian princesses. You don't need to be Jewish to be rich. Of course it doesn't hurt in Manhattan.

It makes my skin crawl when I hear even one of my own Jewish friends say the J word since it reeks of self hatarade. I feel the same way when black people use the N word. Why would you use a term that is so offensive to describe yourself?

Ok. Now I know some of you will say what about B&T? As far as I am concerned I don't think B&T is offensive since it does not single out a single group. It pretty much describes the idiots that come in outside the city and act like a bunch of big shot tourists. B&T is more of a state of mind because anybody can be B&T.

Whoever wrote that comment, I don't care if you are Jewish. It doesn't justify saying those things. You show disrespect to yourself and to Jewish women. Knock it off. Or I will knock you out.

Off to lunch

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My next Guilty Pleasure

Fame is alot like high school. Except better Clothes.

This is my next great addiction. Instant Star. Its like American Idol meets Crossroads. Its a bout a girl who wins an American Idol type singing shows what she goes through with trying to make music. Ohmigod. This is like the best show ever. Its sort of like Melrose place without the sex.

No one wears chinos on a Friday night

4th of July weekend was totall abfab. The claque ended up hanging out in Williamsburg having drinks at of VD's f-buddy's friends apartment. The plan was to go to Union Pool but we ended up staying in the apartment for like 3 hours listening an ipod mix of Franz Ferdinand and St Etienne.

There was this loser guy there who perked up when he heard B and I talk about daisy dukes. He made some comment that blue jeans were so passe. I was like, blue jeans are never out unlike your wardrobe. He was lie, what's wrong? I said to him.

"No one wears chinos on a Friday night."

He got really upset and said.

"My mom got me these chinos."

B and I laughed at him and I said "Well there's your problem. A mother should never dress their son. You need a girl who has good taste and that your not dating to pick out your clothes."

I have to take off. One of the lawyer's just spotted me.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I don't think so

Ole said...
She doesn't write badly at all. Sorry, PP, I think I'm going to have to defect. Try and control your grief

Oh no Ole. I got so much more to say.
Do you think I am going let what you put me through pass?
Uh huh. Because I am here to kick your ass.
You don't get to walk away. You are here to stay.

Friday, July 01, 2005

A shoutout to my homegirl

This hot mamma is Pei and she left the Big A and is returning back to the Sing. I first met her when she commented on something I wrote and then I peeked at her livejournal and never left.

I will miss her talking about her rolling in the NYC, working in fashion shows, playing the PR diva and dating yummy boys.

No. We are not the same person. She is Chinese and I am Jewish. Well, same difference. If I had known she was having her going away party last week I would have ditched my trip to LA to say goodbye. Later Pei. We'll keep a seat for you at the bar.

I want lobster. But I don't think I am going up the Hamptons for the July 4th weekend since the rest of Manhattan will probably be there. Maybe I will go on a dive bar tour.