Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I had the time of my life

I completely freaked out when I heard that Patrick Swayze had weeks to live. I calmed a little when it turned he was going for treatment. I cried during Dirty Dancing and Ghost but I think his best work was in Donnie Darko. A friend lent me the dvd and I held onto it for two years. Then one day my cable got disconnected because yours truly forgot to pay the bill. Anyways I had nothing to watch so I put on the DVD. It was my first introduction to the Gyllenhal kids. I found Jake to be quite yummy. But that movie completely blew my mind and I was blown way about how Swayze did a complete 180 with that role. In fact I watched that movie over and over for that entire night.

Patrick, we are praying for you.


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