Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cut loose

I have been scarfing down green chili peppers and cheese tamales and spinach and tofu egg rolls while recovering from last night ‘s binge of barhopping in the lower east side. We finally had the meeting yesterday and it went just they way I thought it would. Sh***ty.

The meeting was supposed to take place early in the morning but instead it kept getting delayed because was in a bunch of meetings. Finally around 4pm G rolled with a black berry in one hand and cell phone in the other, working them simultaneously.

He called my boss in. Five minutes later he called me into his office. I sat down to see my boss have this look of death. He sat down behind his desk and laid it out.

“PP, I apologize for all chaos in the last couple of weeks. There was a huge amount of miscommunication on my part and what was supposed to happen was that this new addition was to absorbed into Angel Feathers with zero impact to the rest of the group. HR informed me if we brought her in we would go over budget but I gave the green light for them to proceed without thinking of the ramifications.

He paused.

“I never gave HR the authorization to let you go, but please do not blame them for this situation since at the time they had no choice but to exercise that option. This was entirely my fault.”

“Unfortunately, in order for this person to join Angel Feathers, we need to make room for her which means someone has to leave the group.”

I began to feel a lump in my throat and my eyes began to water.

“I have heard absolutely amazing things about you and your progress about the group and your boss has gone to the mat for you. But this new employee, her connection to this specific client could bring in a ton of business.

“I instituted a last fired, first fired policy to make things simpler.”

He sucked in his breath as if he was caught pilfering M&Ms from a candy store.

“What I mean, is that you were chosen because you were the last person we hired and your removal would have little impact on the group overall. Please understand the decision had nothing to do with your work.”

The pit began to form in my stomach.

“I am not going to leave you twisting in the wind. We will make a place for you here with one of the groups here. If you are not happy with that I will make every effort to place you somewhere where that meets your needs. That I promise you.”

I took a slow breath and looked at G straight in the eye. I really wanted to jump over the desk and drop kick him in his enormous basketball like head but the passive aggressive in me kicked in.

“I accept your apology and I appreciate your efforts to assist me. Despite what has happened I still have faith in this company and I would like to maintain a position here.”

My boss jumped in.

“We also want to let you know you will have first crack at any openings that come up in Angel Feathers.”

G nodded his head in agreement.

“I will send out an email to the staff to see if they need an extra person and I will get back to you.”

After the meeting my boss took us all out for drinks. She assured me that everything was going to be fine.

“G is not a bastard. He will not f**k you over. I am really sorry it had to play out like this but he would not budge on that girl and our budget couldn’t handle another addition.”

She said as she held onto a half of henie.

I just nodded in agreement. The rest of the night was an alcoholic induced haze of talking to drunken frat boys, dancing old school rap and waiting on line for the ladies room.

So I now I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. My heart feels tight in my chest. For better or worse I will have relief on Monday.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Typing while intoxicated

I am completely shi*t faced right now.
My boss took the whole group for drinks to celebrate a account we just got.
It seems that dumbass who is lives and dies by the Today show loved our presentation and that got as another account with this designer.

But it felt more like we sitting shiva because tomorrow I would find out what is going to happen to me.

Whenever I get like this I start to eat. Now I am debating Ben Jerry's or Cheetos.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006



I thought Asian girls were thin. It appears Margaret Cho breaks the mold and some chairs. Big tattoo for a big girl. I am sure the artist is happy for such a large canvas.

Just trying to break the tension. Got word today we are having a meeting on Friday.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Standing tall

This year my sister and her husband are now on the east coast for passover. It wasn't a really big production. It was just the family together eating brisket and watching the Ten Commandments on DVD.

I condfided in my sister while clearing the dishes in what was going on at work.

"Don't tell anyone. I don't want to depress them." I said.

My sister's response.

"We are celebrating a holiday that deals with freedom from slavery, plagues, a really pissed off Egyptian and wandering the desert for a couple of decades. At this point our family is immune to depression."

As we wrapped up leftovers my sister asked me the question.

"What's really bothering you?"

"Nothing. I just want to get canned."

I looked up from the gladware container I just sealed up to see my sister's face. She had the same expression on her face when she caught me with pot and I denied it was mine.

I looked down at the next platter of food and began to dump it into the next container.

"Well. It's just that, well everyone has been so happy that I got this gig. I mean this job wasn't just for me, it was for all of us. Mom and Dad are not stressed anymore and you have stopped calling to yell at me. Now I feel like. Well."

"That your a dissappointment?"

"Yeah. "

My sister sealed up the last container and then walked over to the kitchen counter to pour some ginger ale.

"This is a WYK deal? With this girl from Williamsburg horning in on your job, right?"

"It is a total "Who you know."

"Then forget about it. You have no control over it."

"But I can't help it."

"Yes, you can. Remember when I was going through Match Day?"

"Yeah. You were completely insane that week."

"But the day before it happened I had a moment of clarity. I had just consumed two bottles of Maalox when it came to me. I had nothing to worry about because I wasn't in control. There is nothing for me to be stressed about because it is somone else's decision. Whatever happens, happens."

"Yeah. Yeah."

"Hey. We are going to deal with failure in our lives. We can be on our knees or we can stand all and take whatever comes. It is all up to you."

So I have decided to stand tall. No word yet on whether I am getting the boot. But I am not going to cringe. I am just going to do my job.

Friday, April 21, 2006


I got this from CC's blog.

When I have kids there are certain activities that I forbid them from participating in. They include gymnastics, cheerleading and anything that requires a leotard.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Besides not wanting to embarrass my family and get hunted by some of the obese psychos one of the reasons why I do not post pictures of myself is that I am not comfortable showing my face.

It all stems from college. I had aspirations of becoming the next Dawn Steel and became obsessed with movies, particularly the movie Swimming with Sharks, which I think, is so much better than the Player.

I took a film class at school as an elective and our final project was a short film, which I not only wrote and directed but also starred. We were using these archaic black and white 16 mm cameras. I think they were used in WWII. II. Anyways I quickly realized that doing sync sound was out of the question after seeing one of my classmates implode while trying to sync a minute worth of a dialogue.

I chose to do a music video for my project since you don’t need to sync anything just play it against the film. I decided to go for an artsy feel so I used Fools Gold by the Stone Roses. The plot of the video was simply me bopping around in a bikini and sunglasses at various parts of the campus.

The shoot took half a day to do but it took me an entire weekend to edit it. When it was down I totally freaked out when I looked at it in the screening room.

The camera doesn’t just add 10 pounds, it also adds every wrinkle, and pimple and stretch marks that aren’t supposed exist. I almost burned my film right there. I ended up guzzling a 6 pack of red bulls in order to reedit my film in one night. I removing any close ups of my face and body and replaced with wide shots of me dancing around the campus.

I ended up getting a B+. But after that experience I decided that film was not for me. I just did not have the skills to control this craft. You really have to be smart to make a movie.

Another thing that changed me completely was that I would freak out every time someone pulled out camera. Whenever I would go to parties I went through this Jekyl and Hyde transformation where I would be laughing and drinking but as soon as someone took out a camera I would shut up and turn away from them. I even had a hard time taking photos for my sorority events. I could just not deal with being on camera.

When the Paris Hilton sex tape came out, I remember my Dad asking if I had done anything like. I told my Dad that he was being gross but also reminded him he taught at a young age that whatever I do, don’t get caught. As he put it. No evidence, no crime. No problem.

I am bringing up this subject because the following photos were making the rounds in the office they found from this site. I have to warn you all these photos are NSFW. So consider yourself warned.

According to my co-workers the girls are a bunch of silver spooners doing their rendition of the Pussycat dolls. The first picture is that these girls posing trying to pull an, as my sister would say, the Andy Warhol look. You know that we’re hot but we don’t care cause we’re bored. But it they are sooo pathetic looking. I mean they look like a bunch of girls playing dress up and trying to say to the world “Look at us. We’re being grown ups.” It would be cute if wasn’t so sad.

If you notice, there is this red head on the right with this psycho bitch stare. She is trying to pull off “Too sexy for you. Do not look.”

The blonde is trying to pull that teasing topless look with her hair covering her boobs. I don’t know why she is bothering since she has nothing to show. And then there is the girl on the left doing a horrible JLO head tilt. What the f**k is up with her hair? She looks like a Patti Labelle nightmare.

The second photo almost made me hurl. They are all lying on the bed as if they just finished a hot session of Sapphic wrestling and smoking crystal meth. But whoever took these photos should be dragged into the street and shot.

Do d you see the two girls who are spooning each other at the top of the page? Their first mistake is wearing the butt floss. Butt floss is one of the worst things a girl can wear because it offers no support unlike a thong. Your ass is literally hanging out there. Even if you are wearing jeans you have to still be really cautious. I know very few women who can pull of the butt floss look and they are models.

The second girl’s ass looks like a huge lopsided mess. I mean we are talking leftover pizza dough at Domino’s lopsided. I would be so scared if I was that girl behind her because that that ass looks like it will smother her. She better cut the stairmaster s**t out or else the only guys she will hooking up is the cast of Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out. And my god, look at that gut. Does she not understand the concept of sucking in your gut? How many PBRs has this girl been chugging? Cut down carbs and I have one word for you. Pialtes.

And what the f**k is up with the cheetah print underwear? Is this the return of the trailer park look? That was so 1990’s. What were they thinking? Maybe that’s it. Maybe they weren’t thinking at all.

Victoria Secret models are paid millions of dollars for what they do because lingerie work takes a lot of effort. It’s not enough to have a hot body. It is not just about looking pretty but also presenting you body in the right fashion for maximum effect. That means knowing what are the best camera angles and how to contort your physical shape in a most pleasing fashion. This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and studying. Giselle Fernandez was famous for helping her Brazilian sisters in how to command the camera to get the most aesthetically pleasing shots. Which results in billions of dollars for lingerie sales.

In one of my fem studies classes a professor of mine did a lecture on fashion models and the exploitation of women. She showed how models had evolved in many ways by showing slides of 70’s models and current female models. She pointed how body types have changed that in the 70’s women were fatter and are not as well maintained physically. While fashion models now are skinner and are surgically enhanced in different areas. As disgusted she was with the industry she did point out there were many changes which made being a model an art form and was one of the few industries where a woman not only made more money then men but was in more control. However she felt it was a the cost of woman's pyshce as they aspired for an unattainable body image at the cost of their health.

My professor would probably argue that girls like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson are to blame for these girls actions since it was their public displays of drunkenness, tales of drug fueled sex romps and other b**ch foolery promoting the social acceptance of this self exploitation amongst girls.

Personally, I am all about you do what you want to do. We all are responsible for our own decisions. But you take your chances with the rest of us. Perhaps girls are treating these girls as role models but you got to learn to think for yourself.

Being a girl is hard, I mean we have so more things to worry about then boys. From how we dress, how we talk to what makeup we wear. We are constantly on our guard because we are judged every moment by other girls whispering cattily behind our backs. So what do we do? We join cliques and secure our place in the social hierarchy since it is all about safety in numbers. Popular girls, unpopular girls, Goths, fat girls, girls on the fast track to Sarah Lawrence, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you belong and that you are not alone because being alone is the worst.

Parents will say, peer pressure. Peer Pressure has nothing to do with this. To say there was pressure is to say that they were forced into doing this. It was their mutual acceptance of each other, which enabled them to take these pictures without thinking.

I know this sounds weird but when girls act out in this way, they seem to lose a part of their soul.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Still no word on my fate. G hasn't been in and I am treating this as business as usual. The boss is giving us light workload because of Passover. Not a shiksa among us so we're special . After I put the finishing touches on this chart I am going to run off since I have been drafted into Matzoh duty.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Employment Limbo

It is my mistake that I thought you were the last person to add to your group . It turns out we’ve got way too many staff members in your group now and there is nothing for them to do and we are over our budget. We deeply appreciate all of your help but unfortunately we have added a new member to your team whose presence is of highest priority. Thank you again!

I got this email on while watching Katie say goodbye to Today from HR. I had to read it a couple of times until I realized I was being let go. Then I completely freaked. I called my boss on her cell but kept getting her voicemail. Finally I emailed it to her.

For five minutes I was undecided on what I should do. Should I show up for work or should I just wait it out? Then I started to get really mad. Who the hell fires people over email?

There was absolutely no warning over this firing. Then I thought what did I do wrong? As far as I can figure I did everything right. I worked really hard on the fashion presentation and put in the elements that they asked for. I started to get really pissed. I mean how dare they do this to me? How dare they fire without any explanation without warning, what kind of prick fires someone through email?

Then I got a call from my boss.

“Listen. I am sorry this happened.” She growled to me

“What’s going on? Did I do something wrong?” I asked

“You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re fine. There has been an addition to our group but there was some budget issues and I was told we were in the process of working that out but the final decision was up to me. So this is complete bulls**t.”

“But then what should I do?”

“Ignore the email. Just go to work. I will talk to HR”

“What if they call security and have me thrown out? I have read about how companies get rough when they layoff people.”

My boss sighed.
“Sweetie, just go in and if anyone asks what you are doing there just tell them to talk to me.”


It was very uncomfortable when I went to the office. People were staring at me with surprised looks on their face and some of them whispered. I did my best to ignore them and concentrate on the report I was writing about becoming a blonde. I really had to hold my s***t together when the HR person arrived, who I will call Stay puft because she has a body of a marshmallow. Her office is near my cubicle and I could see from the corner of my eye as she walked in with a look of shock. Then she had the f**king gall to walk up to me.

“”Morning PP.”


“Did you get my email?”
“Actually J wanted to talk to you about that.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Then she waddled off as if nothing was wrong. F**king whore.

Ten minutes later my boss walked with the taste of blood in her eye. She barreled right past three people who said good morning to her, went straight into Stay Puft’s office and that is when all hell broke loose.

“Who the f**K do you think you are to fire one of my team members?” My boss screamed.

“Excuse me? You do not talk me to like that.” The HR manager whimpered while trying to act tough which her made her sound more pathetic.

“Bitch, I will talk to you anyway I want. I bring in an assload of money to this company. Which gives me the authority to do whatever the f**k I want. And if I decide to my put my Manolo Blahnik up your ass, you will bend over. Which brings us back to my original question. Who the f**k are you to fire one of my team members?

“I didn’t fire anyone. All I did was fulfill my orders.”

“Don’t even try the “I was just following orders card.” It didn’t work at Nuremberg and it sure as hell isn’t going to work here.”

“Could you please close the door?”

“No. I want this door opened so the whole office can hear what an incompetent whore you are.”

Stay Puft switched to passive mode hoping to calm my boss down.

“I realize you are upset but I am just doing my job as HR manager which is to maintain the employment integrity of this company.”

It doesn’t. She keeps on reaming her.

“Your job as HR manager is to pass out the coffee and b***jobs. Not to act as f**king busy body f**king up the entire program.”

“I am not a busybody!” Stay Puff wailed. “ I have shown nothing but dedication and loyalty to this company since I started as an intern.”

“Well I have news for you. You’ re still intern. Except you are just paid to push paper instead of getting credit for it. And no one gives a f**k how much dedication and loyalty you have shown to this company, you are just a cog. We all are. The only difference is that we all know our place except for you. Even the interns know that hiring and firing is up to head of the groups. Not HR. And what kind of pussy fires someone through email? My god, you don’t even have the balls to look someone in the eye and tell them they are being let go.”

“Well in certain situations HR needs to step in.”

This answer really pissed my boss off.

“Hello! This isn’t one of those situations. And what the f**k is this bulls**t about my team having nothing to do? My team members are the most overworked employees in this company. You have no idea what they go through everyday to get shit done. Did you know Melissa nearly whored herself out to a f**king production coordinator just to get better access for Fashion week? To say there is nothing for them to do is to spit on me and to spit on my team.”

“I’m sorry. It is just that G gave the go ahead to make the changes.”

“Did he tell you to call me first?”


“That is such bullshit. G knows that I would go crazy. It explicitly states in my contract that I control the Angel Feathers group hiring and firing protocols. ”

“G told me to make this happen and he said last hired, first fired.”

“He said that?”

“Yes. He emailed me.”

“I want to see that email.”

“I can’t show it to you. It’s confidential.”

“You are such a f**king liar. You know what? F**k you. Get G on the phone right now.”

“I can’t do that. He is with a client.”

“You have five seconds to get him on the phone or I walk my ass over to Conde Nast and take with me ten million dollars worth of accounts.”

I heard the sound of keys being punched at light speed and the receiver being lifted.

“What the f**k are you doing? Put him on speaker. I want to hear what he has to say.” Growled my boss.

“Can you at least close the door.” Peeped Stay puft.

There was a loud slam and then more voices screaming at each other. Then it was quiet. Time seemed to stand still. Everyone stopped what they were doing and strained their ears. Suddenly the door opened and my boss stepped out and called for me.

I walked into the office to seem my boss glaring at Stay Puff who looked like she was on the verge of tears. Stay Puft looked at me and slowly began to speak.

“PP, I apologize for the confusion this morning. We are going to clear this whole thing up, in the meantime we have agreed that it would be best for you to maintain your current position until further notice. I just want to let you know that your work here has been exemplary and that we have no intention of letting you go.”

“Thank you.”

“Are we done here?” coldly whispered my boss.


We left and Stay puff closed the door.

“Let’s get some coffee before she starts crying.” Said my boss.

“Too late.” I said as muffled sobs started to come out of the office.

We were at Starbucks where my boss bought grande cappuccinos and explained the situation.

“G has been trying to land this client in does a lot of work outsourcing work in India. And if he gets him it will give the finance group more credibility and he has been trying to get Gecko group off the ground for quite awhile.”

She took a slug of coffee.

“Apparently, a couple of weeks ago he was at a party in Billyburg and he ran into some girl who is friends with the client’s daughter. And coincidentally this girl is looking for a job in fashion. Anyway G told her to send her resume and he would see what he could do. He shot over an email to me and HR and we were going to try figure out how absorb her. Then G sent an email yesterday telling us all to get a move on since he was meeting the client next week and he wanted to use the client’s daughters friend as leverage. HR bitch panicked because there wasn’t any money in the budget for another staff member, which is why she decided to fire you. The problem is that she does not have the authority to do that. Hence, this is how this whole s**t storm came to be.”

“So tell me about the new girl”

“Nothing very impressive. She is graduating from NYU this semester with a degree in Metropolitan studies. It’s one of those resume padding bulls**t majors that is supposed to apply to a lot of fields but is to broad for its own good. She just started interning this year at this bullshit non-profit that throws these media events where corporations write out these enormous checks to have their d**ks sucked by the public but she has no fashion skills. In fact she hasn’t done any student activities that relate to fashion.

My boss lit up a dunhill.

“Fashion wise, she is pretty average. She kept talking about Williamsburg was the s**t and it was going to take over the fashion scene since it made boho chic mainstream. Any pedophile who jerks off to Full House would know that the Olsen twins are responsible for making the boho chic popular not those coffee slingers from Billyburg.”

“What does she look like?”

“She is a pretty average looking strawberry blonde haired girl from Jersey. Her only real asset is that she wears a D cup which is probably got G’s attention in the first place.”

“Greeeat. The girl with ta tas always gets ahead.” I said as stared at my coffee.

“PP, I know this sucks. It is a complete WYK deal and you are getting the ass end of the stick. Just give it a couple of days to clear this up. We’ll make this right.”

“What about HR?”

“Did you hear what I said about her job?”

“BJs and coffee?”

“Exactly. Don’t worry about HR. She coordinates. I am the one who dictates and that is all that matters. I can’t believe that stupd b**ch actually tried to pull my d**k.”

Since then I have been doing my work, which is kind of hard since it is like trying concentrate with a noose around your neck. The last I heard from my boss was that there would be a meeting next Tuesday.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This isn't a smackdown. It is a response.

I was going to ignore these comments because I have more than my fair share of haterade but then I read this one on the my entry on Stripping for fat girls.

Lauren said...
I left a couple of comments in the post you're referring to. Let me clarify a few things:

1. I'm not fat, but nice try. I do happen to be insecure about my body, though, and it hurt me that you would take uninformed jabs at women just for their weight. It's a disgusting prejudice--as disgusting as racism or sexism.

2. If the post were funny, I would've laughed. But it wasn't, and you're not. Your "humor" is akin to the kind you'd find in a schoolyard; low-brow, cruel and, frankly, not at all amusing or clever.

3. I think you should respond to whatever comments set you off. Let us know what you think. Throw out some counter-points. I'm eager to hear what you have to say, honestly.

Well here I am. And first off I have to say I am also insecure about my body. In fact I was at a crossroads in getting plastic surgeory on parts of my body which I won’t mention since I am still a bit sensitive about it. What I think is really outrageous is that you are comparing gaining a couple of pounds to the Montgomery bus boycott. I am sure the NAACP would agree with your point of view that the snarky remarks about the calorie challenged is in line with racial profiling.
I will say what I want to say. You don’t like it? Don’t read it.

Anonymous said...
You know, I left a comment on your blog that heavily critisized your writing. And, while I hold to my opinions, I apologize for stating them so cruelly. I was only feeding into the cycle of hatred, and I'm sorry to have hurt your feelings.

That is very noble of you. But which comment are you talking about?

You obviously haven't seen these girls. The Red Hots themselves, that is. They are amazing, hot, smart, brilliant, attractive and better than you. Feel free to introduce yourself. I'm at everyone of their shows.
Val Killmore

Obviously I don’t want to be anywhere near these girls. I am sure since being fired from Neverland Ranch, where women are banned and all you did was serve Jesus Juice to the little boys, that these girls are like the Victoria Secret models. I have one word for you. Playboy. Look into it.

Anonymous said...
Why are you so concerned with what other people are doing? Why don't you find some activity that makes *you* happy rather than being nasty about women who are doing something that makes *them* happy. It takes balls to get up in front of people and perform. It's not like hiding behind a keyboard and taking pot shots at strangers.
If I was really concerned about these people I would be at this school right and administering first aid to the people who have lost their eyesight going to their shows.

I am not making any nasty comments. I am just making observations. Good for them that they are out there shaking their junk. But this isn’t self esteem camp where you get a trophy for taking a crap. Its their choice but that doesn’t mean I have clap along with the rest of the herd.

As a what you would cnsider "Fat girl"
in the burlesque scene. I can say that this has been one of the few places ( even in Hollywood) where my weight hasn't been an issue.
What trubles me about this isn't your desire to neversee them strip.
You have your aesthetic- I don't want to watch a person who has no stage training strip...there we a go. A difference of opinion.
However your judgement of a woman who eats 3 sticks of butter for breakfast..well splendabuns- why do you so deeply care?
There are a good deal of us dancing who do not meet the standard of modern thin, but does that mean we need to hide away? Don the burqa and never be seen because we are not thin?
We're performers.
Not runway models.
I think you have a very skewed idea of what burlesque is about.
You should educate yourself.
Sure it is striptease, we strip- but we are also funny,aware,violent,surreal,obscure, irreverent and just plain odd.
Know the artform, and know that some of us put the art before the form.
And the bookings keep rolling in

I am happy that you found your calling as a naked tester for little debbie snack cakes. Calling what you do an art form and yourselves performs is liking calling competitive eating a sport and competitive eaters atheletes.
Everyone is asking why I care? Well, I don’t. But why do you care about what I have to say? Why are all of you fixated on little old me? Is it because I’m right? Could it be that the little trust fund princes who barely got out of college has hit a nerve?

I think there's room for everyone in the entertainment industry, no matter what size, shape, or whatever. It's the talent and the passion that matter.
There really is no call, in any forum, for snarky opinions without facts to reference...If you don't like the art of burlesque, fine. That's your opinion.
But naked hatred based on physical characteristics is kind of beneath you, don't you think?

Hate? You don’t know the meaning of the word. When I let loose my hate, you’ll know. Trust me you’ll know.

It seems like you really don't understand what burlesque is. It's not "stripping."

Burlesque is Art. No, really. Take Little Brooklyn, for example. She is one of the best burly-q girls in the country and she does routines inspired by "Mommie Dearest," "Silence of the Lambs," and Pee-Wee Herman. They bring down the house every time. That ain't stripping, sister.

Come out and see The Red Hots or Starshine Burlesque. I think you'd appreciate the hard work, humor and creativity that goes into these acts-- acts by women of ALL sizes-- if you took the time to actually see one.

No it ain’t stripping. It’s more like projecting sexual fantasties about abusive mothers, psycho killers in drag and pocket pool at the adult film theatres

How dare you spread the narrow minded retoric that in order to have any kind of sex appeal or self worth that a woman must fit into the ridiculous ideals put forth by our media.
How hateful, vapid, and idiotic of you. Oh, I'm sorry, you must be perfect and we lesser mortals who don't qualify as 'the beautiful people' can go wallow in shit because we're not presenting you with the image you wanna see. How shallow you must be. And lest you think that the only reason I'm commenting is that I must be some easily dismissed subhumanoid fat girl, think again. I don't qualify as one of the hot volumptuous ladies you so readily diss, but I have many gorgous hot curvy fat girl friends who don't need bitches like you spreading the hate around. Grow the f**k up.

No they don’t have b***es like me. Obviously from your words you are all they need.

And lest you think that the only reason I'm commenting is that I must be some easily dismissed subhumanoid fat girl, think again. I don't qualify as one of the hot volumptuous ladies you so readily diss, but I have many gorgous hot curvy fat girl friends who don't need bitches like you spreading the hate around. Grow the fuck up.

Ahh, I smell fat guilt. It is obvious your covering up your disdain for your friends. A true friend of the fatties would just use voluptous and instead of using the voluptous again have siad. And the “dismissed subhumanoid fat girl” really take sthe cake. What you actually qualify as those girls who need to hang out with people who are fatter then you so can look thinner and cuter. You probably make deal how you need to lose weight and tell your friends their thin. And whenever you go out to dinner you always have them finish your plate. Which is a pretty good strategy but be careful. Eventually they will figure out what you are up to and roll over on you. Literally.