Friday, December 23, 2005

Hannukah in Aspen

I am waiting for the car service to pick me up for my 5pm flight. Yes. I am getting out of town. One of my father's clients has a large house there and invited my parents and myself to come over. I thought I would be spending a quiet holiday at home but that

I was so bummed by the strike. Not that it really affected me. I planned on using Dad's car service but he put a stop to that since he needed every car for his lawyers because of the strike. I planned on doing some serious shopping since alot of stores were hurting without customers.

But I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the apartment and looking for jobs online. Still nothing.

Car is here. Off to break in my new skis.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Date or no date

It is past 2am, two hours since the strike deadline. I have been watching NY1 all night to see what is going to happen. My contingency plan is to cab it or use Dad's car service. Either way it is going to suck.

I looove Courting Couture! I know that we would be totally BFF. She is like my Paris Hilton to my Tara Reid. Those of you who don't know she is on the verge of becoming a power lawyer who will rule the legal landscape in her Manolos. She posed a very interesting question.

Dinner Date?

Does a guy paying for dinner make it a date?

Here's the hypo:
(For all those law students, please spot the issues & all the possible claims of Guy and Gal)

Guy meets Gal at bar. They exchange number and begin a text message and awkward hug filled relationship. He texts her after 2 days of meeting her. They get drinks later on that week. She texts him back. He texts her to ask her to grab drinks with friends to watch football with him and friends. She can't. She texts him no, but alludes to anothet time. A few days later she texts him to go sushi with her friends. They have sushi with 2 of her friends. After dinner, he gives her a SIDE HUG goodbye. Then the texting continues until a week later they finally have sushi by themselves. She's not hungry cuz of finals and only gets one roll. HE PAYS FOR DINNER...

THEN...he walks her to her car...and basically gives her a hiphop hug (short one arm hug)

WAS IT A DATE??? Please also touch upon the theory of what exactly makes it a date.
Word limit, 500 words. Spend no more than 30 minutes answering this hypo.


It's a date unless the guy is treating for an event or you don't have enough money to pay for it. What do you all think?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

OMG! I figured out today that it's been like a year since I have started my blog. I actually was about to call VD and tell her about my secret blog. But then I realized I haven't spoken to her since our falling out at fashion week. As for the rest of the claque, they are still not down with me because VD rules over them like Sarah Jessica Parker does over the cast of Sex and the City.

I thought about calling the Big sis but I realized that she doesn't know about my blog. My parents sure as hell don't know what I am doing. I am sure they would be thrilled that I am airing the dirty laundry even though I have been doing it in secret.

The truth is, I'm alone. The only people who even know that this blog exists are the people who read it and make comments on it. It's kind of ironic. The only people who I can really celebrate this anniversary are people who I have never met. In fact most of them hate my guts.

It's kind of crazy how much happens in a year. First I am looking for an apartment, dealing with crazy neighbors, a**hole office workers, losing my friends and getting ragged by every beeyotch that has a laptop.

But I don't regret chronicling my life through this blog. It has expanded my horizons and I have learned alot about myself whether is good, bad or ugly.

So what's next Princess? What are you going to do now? Going to still be the poor little trustfund girl? Or are you going to create a life of your own?

Do I regret

Friday, December 09, 2005


There is enough snow out there to make Kate Moss go into withdrawl. I am staying inside until it clears out. Going to spend the rest of the day eating leftover Chinese and shopping online. I wish Starbucks delivered.

Those of you who have to trudge out in the wet snow I have one thing to say.

"Have a bagel!"

Friday, December 02, 2005


Ok. I am a brat, a b**ch and just plain spoiled. And I am make of fun of B&T from Jersey. But one thing I am not is insensitive.

I saw this in Gothamist and I was like what the f**k? Making fun of homeless people is beyond rude. It is evil. These are people that less than any of us and have to live on the street. There is no need to treat them this way.

These two beeyotches not only owe this homeless guy an apology and a meal but they should be on the street too. There is nothing funny about homlessnes.