Thursday, December 30, 2004

Every girl wants to be Jewcy!

Parents decided to stay for New Years with my sister and her family while I am in Manhattan. VD sent me this article on Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan says: "I did start to look into the whole Kabbalah thing a while ago, just because my mom was like: 'Maybe you should try it.'

"And Demi was on the set one day at 70's Show, and it interested me, because they talk about ego and stuff."

Yes. Jewish girls rock! I am glad Lindsay respects my culture but this Kabbalah stuff has to stop. I mean just because you take a couple of classes on Kaballah and listen to a couple of Madonna albums does not make you Jewish.

I hada really bad experience with dealing with Kaballah when I met up with some friends for a birthday dinner, one of them brought his girlfriend who was this Asian beeyotch who was really into Kaballah. When I ordered the shrimp tempura she started asking me if I was really going to eat that. And as a Jew how I should be ashamed of not keeping kosher and that I lost touch with my roots.

I told her that I did ten years of hebrew school and the rabbi was proud how I did at my Bat Mitzvah and one kaballah lesson did not make her a kosher butcher let alone a rabbi. She began waving her hand in our faces which was covered in that red Kaballah string and told me my negative words could not harm her since her kabbalah bracelet protected her from my evil eye. VD told her if she did not stop waving her hand in our faces she was going strangle her with her Kaballah bracelet.

We're still trying to figure out if we still want to go to the MTV New Year's bash. We don't have tickets but we know somone in there who can get us in. The problem is that we have to get there really early and once we're in we can't leave until its over. Which kind of sucks because we have like a couple of other parties lined up. And I don't want to be stuck in Times Square all night.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

We miss you Jerry Orbach

lindsay lohan mom

He reminded of me of my Grandfather who was a rough no nonsense lawyer who could tell anyone to go to hell. But he was always kind to those who were in need and told his grandchildren bedtime stories.

does a great tribute to him and his character Lenny Briscoe. He maybe remembered for Law and Order but I will always think of him as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.

lindsay lohan mom

Monday, December 27, 2004


My sister has developed an addiction for the home shopping network. She gave me one of her rings she bought on HSN.
This ring is amazing. It would match well with my beehive harido. The rings are huge. You could crush beer can with one smack. I am thinking about gettng five of these for one hand. It is so Mr. T.

lindsay lohan mom

Tuesday night back to chilly Manhattan.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

A sitdown with the girls

Dad arrived late last night. The kids went crazy this morning by Grandpa waking them up and so the men and the boys are off to the beach. The girls are sitting this one out.

We had little talk about real esate. Sis heard about Dad yelling at me for having such poor choices for apartments. She drilled the party line that just because doesn't mean I should waste it and what did I need staff quarters for. All I'm goign to do is turn it into a walk in closet. Mom sat back and since my sister was doing her job for her.

She wanted to know what I was doing with my life. I was like, I don't know hanging out with friends. Sis was like "You have to find something."

I told them I was getting annoyed. Everyone was getting on my case. I was like "Should I have kids?" She was like no. Don't have kids just because you nothing else better to do. Have a family because its something you want.

As a joke I told her my dream was to be a rockstar like Lindsay Lohan, to sing and write my own songs. Sis was like go do it then. Write something do something. She kept saying that time moves really fast. I'm 31 and I have three kids. I'm suprised how quickly this happened. She kept making references to Ferris Bueller which is like her favorite movie.
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

She kept going back to me being so stupid with my choice of apartments. That I had take control of my life and be more responsible and and realistic with my choices stop acting like Tara Reid.

I was really p*** about the Tara Reid comment but I can't be angry at my sister. I mean she's been through alot herself.

At college she chose the easiest major which was corporate communications. Her plan was simply go into PR and get married. In the summer before her junior year she went abroad to England where she had doing an independnet study for a PR firm but the the persons she was interning for got fired and the new boss wanted nothing to do with her. She was freaking out because she would have to stay another semester in school if she didn't get an internship. Her roommate at the time was dating an English med student who got her a position as a volunteer at a local hospital in the pediatrics department.

I guess it had a real impact on her because afterwards she suprised us all by saying she wanted to be a doctor. In her junior year she switched to biology. I mean this a girl who got as note from my mind excusing her from dissecting a frog since it made her vomit. For two years she spent every waking hour in the library. She took a full load of courses during the summer too. If she wasn't studying she was volunterring for medical stuff.

We barely saw her at home since she was always studying. Mom was getting worried because as she put it she looked like a "starbucks junkie" which I agree. I mean she stopped going to parties, hanging out with friends and I think she even stopped wearing makeup.

Her senior year was really depressing because she nearly had a nervous break down stduying for the MCASTS and then she got rejected from every med school in New York. Even the Sunys didn't want her and state schools usally take anyone. She got wait listed at two schools. One in Oaklahoma and the other in Oregon. The oakies ended up rejecting her but Oregon said come on in. She perferred Oregon because the state was next to the ocean even though the school was in the boonies.

I was really envious of about how pround Mom and Dad were when she went of to med school They kept making such a big deal how she was accepted and making Oregon sound like Harvard.

After she did her 4 years at Oregon. She ended up doing her residenecy in LA. Met her husband who was working as a lawyer at the same hospital where she was a resident. And now shis living the life of a Desperate Housewife.

Is that a life I want? No. Maybe later. But definitely not now. But I guess she is right. Life does move pretty fast.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Email Bag

My brother in law has finally got the racetrack setup but the kids are coming down from their sugar high and just want to sleep so Mom is tucking her grandchildren into bed. He's helping Sis with the dishes. The maid is on vacation so they are taking care of the household chores. Its funny. Both of them are pretty high on the success food chain but not above washing the dishes together.

I offered to help but they were like no. I guess its the only time they can be alone together.

Anyways I completely forgot about my emails. Below are some that have been sent to me. Btw, any brokers who emailed me. Thank you for offering your help. But I am going to try to feel this out on my own. But thank you.

Btw. All email addresses and names will be withheld. So feel free to email me.

You're doing a wonderful job. Of COURSE you're going to get criticized. Screw 'em. Buy more shoes; that'll make you feel better.

Thank you. Your right. Screw 'em I think I will buy another pair of Jimmy Choos in your honor.

but don’t become defensive and nasty because of all the negative postings of the haters. you've a great sense of humor, don’t let them make you bitter. ALWAYS, take the high road. you will be the classier one in the end for it. keep on postin, and DON’T buy a place if you're not ready, just cause your parents, friends, etc. say you should. it's apparent you have a strong independent streak, so do what's right for YOU.

p.s. don’t look down on the less fortunate, for the same reason they shouldn’t hate you for being fortunate.

Ok first of all I have never looked down the less fortunate. Remember I voted for Kerry. I am not being defensive agains the haters. But I will not let them get away with what they say. As for the real estate advice, as you know my family has that covered but it is nice of you throw in your two cents. Taking the high road is hard. Especially when you its cut off from you.

I love your writing. Keep it up. Funny, funny stuff!

I don't mean it to be but thanks I guess.

Is Prada Princess based on a real person that you know?

Yes. Its based on me. God. What a dork.

This is from a lady from Europe who wrote a long email. Here are some bits that
are interesting.

NEVER talk about labels and prices unless you know
that that people with whom you are speaking are in a
similar financial situation. I've gotten myself in
'trouble', so to speak, for 'name-dropping' and
'bragging' because I'd happened to mention a new
purchase around people who are not as wealthy as me.
I'm sure you know that I was not bragging; labels and
prices are openly discussed around my circle of
friends, so I think nothing of it.
*people do not like to be reminded that they are
(relatively) poor*. Having read your blog, you do
*sometimes* appear to be pushing the fact that you are
wealthy into people's faces. As i'm sure you now now,
it does not incite a good reaction.

I am not a name dropper. All I do is talk about clothes and other stuff I have
bought. I am not bragging that I have more money than I know what to do with. Its
just a fact. I am not pushing my lifestyle on anybody. Its just who I am. I mean the way I see it no one is ever going to be happy with who you are. Let's say I did all these things. There would some people who would think I was completely fake. That I was being something I was not. Worse, I would like I have this huge inferiority complex. So who cares. Why change and please others when you should just please yourself?

If you do not wish to recieve any more
horrid comments, perhaps you should stop writing about
your wealth in your blog? I know that it is
increadibly difficult to extricate yourself from an
intrinsic part of your life and personality, but it's
the only way to be 'left alone', so to speak.

My wealth or money or trustfund should not be such an issue for people.
I mean. Who cares. Yes its part of my life but its not me. If they don't
leave me alone. Whatever. That's their hangup.

Again, I'm sorry that you are
going through this. I wish it weren't the case where
the rich are looked down on for being so, but
unfortunately, it is the way of the world now. Take

I think its complete crap but from I am experiencing right now its ture.
Just because you have a bigger bank account than the rest of the free world
you are considered to be scum. What did I do? Did I go shoot some bunnies?
Did I sell crack to school kids. No. But she's right. I am persecuted for what I have. But like Mandela I will be strong. They didn't break Martha. They won't break me. Thank you for the email.

This was from New Zealand.

Hi, I was just given the link to your website, I'm not sure what the
story is with all the negative feedback but I figure forget
them. You have something that they want and you even seem to be a nice
person from what I've read. I don't think people like rich
plus nice, they need someone to hate.

Anyway, thought I would drop you a note to let you know that there are
some nice people on the net and I hope you keep writing the
blog, would be interesting to hear how things turn out.

I hope you have a fantastic day.

It looks like your right. People need somebody to beat on. Looks like the rich girl
is an easy target. Especially when I have something they want. Thank you for your kind words.

1) Go to;

2) Enter your user name and password;

3) You'll see a mark under "Change Settings." Click it;

4) In the settings tab, click the link that says "Comments;"

5) Click "Show;"

6) Enjoy.

When you sign in at, and get to the "dashboard," click on
"change settings."
Under settings, there is a row of options that looks like this:

* Basic * Publishing * Formatting * Comments * Archiving * Site Feed
* Email * Members
Click on "comments."
Under "who can comment," pick "only registered users" from the drop
down menu.
This is also the page where you can turn off comments, which is right
below "who can comment."

When you are writing a new entry, there is an option below the portion
you write in, that says " Allow New Comments on This Post," yes or no.

It would have been a big help if both of you sent pictures along with your instructions. Let's see if I did this right.

Hello from California

I am at my sister's house at the Palos Verdes Estates. Views of the beach, not hot but way warmer than Manhattan. The house is filled with the pitter patter of little feet. My nephews are wearing their new spiderman pajamas that have feet on them. They love the toys we brought them. They are bouncing off the walls since their grandmother shoves handfuls of cookies down there throats whenever they ask why they don't have a tree and when Santa is coming. My brother in law is cursing up a storm putting together the race track so it will serve to distract the boys.

Mom and Sis are in the kitchen talking, now and then her daughter/my niece is screaming because she is teething.

Not a bad life. She's busy especially setting up her new practice. She just bought a building in the area and will being in some other doctors into the practice. I am sure Dad will be happy that she is putting her trustfund to good use. He'll be joining us this weekend. I am sure my brother in law will be happy with that too since he will have someone to talk too. He's a nice guy and all, but we have nothing in common except that he's married to my sister.

When she has free moment I am going to talk to her about real estate.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Executive decision

Well it looks like I will heading off to the West Coast. But not to see friends but my sister and her family. It wasn't really my choice. Mom called me and wanted me to join her. I wasn't in the mood to fight with her so I went along with it. I will be off on Wed.

I am a little bummed but as Mom pointed out that its been almost a year since I have seen her and her family. It would be nice to see how the kids are doing.

Anyways I am going to try to get back by next week. I am definitely not spending New Year's out there. VD maybe able to score tickets to the MTV New Year's Eve show.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

What to do...

Still recovering from last two night's of holiday binge drinking. Was going to go out tonight with the girls but if I see another Apple M I might just throw up. Anyways this might be my last entry for the next couple of days. Debating whether to take off to Caribbean with my girls or go off to LA. Some old college friends have invited me for the New Year's.

Yes. I know comments aren't up yet but the the IT guy on my floor is a complete no show. Guess he has other blogs to fix.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Ta ta

VD's Tivo is bursting. So meeting with her and the girls for apple martinis and then were going to catch on the DH and the OC. Comments are coming back soon. Be nice. Yes another 100 bucks.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Prada Princess Comment Smackdown Part 2

I was hoping to avoid this but some of these comments are really mean and I can't just ignore them anymore since they make me really mad.

I am sorry, but as someone who works very closely with LVMH, I can tell you THEIR BAGS NEVER, EVER GO ON SALE! I thought this blog was cute, and a bit true, but I can tell you that this one statement has changed my views a bit. Jimmy's go on sale, in fact they had a sample sale last week, but LV's NEVER MY DEAR. You lie, and that's just pathetic.

See, you work for LV. I buy LV. Big difference. I am a frequent customer so sales people loooove me. Why? Because of my growing collection of handbags. So I am one of the lucky few who have the honor of getting an inside deal especially this time of year because I am every time I walk in the store, I will most likely whip out the platinum. There is no need for them to give the help (That's you honey.) a deal because its an honor enough to work with LV.

Now if anyone is lying its you. If you worked with LV as you claim, you obviously would know this.

Where you can never get a good deal on LV is in Chinatown where the B&T go in droves because they think they are getting a great deal when in fact all the bags are cheap fake pieces of crap. No matter what a great deal they get its a complete rip off since the bags are pennies to make because they use 5 year old ladyboys from Cambodia as labor and the quality is so poor.

I would never be caught dead at a sample sale. I bet you bought a ton of shoes to sell at your stall in Chinatown which I suspect is where you work.

LVMH (parent of vuitton) is a very strict company when it comes to how its products are marketed and sold. The vuitton line is only sold at vuitton boutiques (even if they are miniboutiques located in larger department stores) and they never ever go on sale, and I mean never. As a LVMH connected friend once said "the company would rather burn unsold stock than put it on sale." Perhaps you bought your *** on ebay with your "trust fund" or, more likely, your are fake.

Yes. LV would burn their stock before putting it on sale. So they can keep it out of your grubby hands . Louis is very strict, but only with people like you who carry the discover card and yearn for the days of sears tough skin jeans.

But sweetie, L loves the Platnium because L knows only the serious buyers carry that card and that one sale from me is a week in the caribbean. I have always had the best service from the LV crew. Who is "your LV connected friend?" Is it the troll that works in Chinatown that called me pathetic? While you are there selling bootleg dvds make yourself useful and get me a bag of those yummy eggrolls.

Only a girl as tacky as you, would like a phone as tacky as this. You are despicable. I may be the B&T crowd but I money doesn't not make class. Little do you know that the rest of the world is not laughing with you, they are laughing AT YOU.

Since you are B&T so you are an obvious an expert tacky. That's very special. The world could laugh at me all they want. Like Mandela I will stay strong and not let your words affect me.

You and I are a lot alike in a lot of ways. However, I decided to go to law school and now I am a corporate and real estate attorney in NYC. I got the whole renting v. equity lecture when I was about your age and so I bought an apartment on the UES. As for how to start . . . I decided what I wanted (2Bed, 2Bath minimum) and went through the Times Sunday Real Estate section and just went to Open Houses (I ended up with a new construction condo so I could rent it out easily if I went back to Paris or just decided to keep it as an investment property after I got married). When you go to an open house, pay attention to the brokers who are hosting. When you find one you like and feel who understands what you are looking for or can help you figure that out, ask them to help you find a place. Since you are the purchaser, you don't pay the broker's fee (that is for the seller). Brokers are absolutely necessary in this town. As I said, I totally understand what you are going through. Good luck and don't pay attention to the people who post hate in your comments--it is too obvious that they are just jealous.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your thoughts. All of what you have said is very true about real estate. I have to figure what I want. I learned that really quickly when my Dad yelled at me about getting an aprtment with staff quarters. He is right. Its not something I need. Wow. You're a lawyer. My Dad would kill for a daughter like you. I thought about law school but I hate the lsat. I barely got past the SATs.

If you really are in need of figuring out apartments, you could always do it the Po' Man's way and use Craig's List. But really you need to decide what kind of place you want to live in. Do you want to be closer to shopping? Or Would you rather be closer to bars and drinking? Would you rather live close to your friends? And I know its heresay, but you could always leave New York and go some place else, like Europe or LA.

Thank you for the tip. Craigslist is sooo funny. Some of the ads are just hilarious. I want to be close to everything from shopping to bars. But I find those things from the upper west to the lower east side. LA is not really any option, since I went to school out there and I hate driving. But your right. I have to figure out what I want.

i love your blog. am your newest fan. hope you dont mind me linking to you!

Go right ahead sweetie! In fact all of you who enjoy my blog feel free to link.

How about gaining a social conscious before you continue to insult every single person who thinks, and rightly so, that you are pretentious.

First of all I am very socially concscious. I voted for Kerry. But at least you have the guts to show who you are.

By the way, what are you doing posting in the middle of the afternoon? Don't you work? Oh... haha... sorry... what was I thinking...
(For the record, I'm a student. But then again, I don't claim to be rich and powerful, so what the hell do I matter - right?)

No I don't work. Because I don't need to. And yes you do matter. I never said I was rich and powerful. Ok. I am rich. But doesn't make me better than you. Just richer.

This is what I don't get - you think you're living up to some 'rich culture'. Growing up in this supposed 'culture' myself, I can tell you truthfully that it's people like you who give people like me a bad reputation.

I am not living up to any culture as you put it I am just being me. As far as a bad repution is occured, I am just being honest and doing my own thing. If people don't get me that's their problem.

Some of the wealthiest people I know are very highly educated (which they EARNED and many paid for on their own), have very well-respected jobs (which they EARNED), and do more charitable work than any other group of people I know.

That's cool they do those things. But are they being charitable or becasue they want to or they like you because they are afraid of what people will think of them if they don't live up to other people's expectaions.

This makes them privileged, but generally no different from the rest of the world - Mommy and Daddy were there in the beginning, but they won't be there always.

I know Mommy and Daddy won't there for me always. That's why Grandma set up my trustfund.

So please, I beg of you, be quiet. Take a step back and wonder how long you would survive if you went to Middle America with that attitude.

I will not be quiet down just because what I say upsets other people. Maybe they should be quiet. They are the ones who need to take a step back and wonder how long they would survive if they kept on criticizing people. I have met privilleged people from Middle America and like you say there are no different than anyone else. They have the same attitudes as the rest of us. So I think I would do just fine there.

It's a crazy world out there (which I'm sure you now see), and it'll bite you in the ass if you have an attitude like this towards absolutely everyone who has a negative comment to throw at you.

Yeah. Its a crazy world and I refuse to be afraid of it. If it bites me in the ass. It bites me in the ass. That's life and you can't live it being afraid.
I have no problem with people throwing their words at me but make no mistake I am not going to sit still and take it.
I am not going shut up just because some idiots are jealous that they do not have the life I have. Maybe they should be the oens to take a step back and look at themselves. Middle America is no different than anywhere else and if the world bites me in the ass, than it bites me in the ass. That's life and you can't live life being afraid.

Ok. All of this writing is making me dizzy. But I am getting really tired of being attacked for just being me. At first I thought it was because no one really understood me but I think there are alot of jealous angry people.

Its going to cost me another 100 bucks but I am thinking of shutting off the anonymous section of my blog. At least it will mean that none of haters won't be able to hide. I was going to post some pictures of myself and my friends but I realize all it will do make myself more of a target.

I am big believer in the Constitution and I believe people have the right to say what they want but within reason. You'll notice that some of the worst comments I have left alone because I believe these people should be heard. But I have deleted comments because they were beyond offensive to women or just somone repeating comments over and over.

BUT I AM NOT BACKING DOWN! Call me fake a fraud, poor little rich girl. I don't care. SO BRING IT ON!

Real estate is hard

Mom sent me some links about real estate.

This link is a New York City Government sitewhich shows how the homebuying process works. She told this how they did it when they bought their first apartment in Manhattan. And they did it without Grandma's help.

I was so overwhelmed by all the issues that are involved. I mean you have to really seriously look at yourself. One of the things that stick out is credit. I am a huge credit card fiend and it got me a little scared since I charge so much on my credit cards.

The other link she sent me was on the Fico score

According to My Fico

A fico score is:

It's a number lenders use to help them decide: "If I give this person a loan or credit card, how likely is it that I will get paid back on time?" A FICO score is a snapshot of your credit risk picture at a particular point in time. The higher your score, the lower the risk to lenders. Fair Isaac Corporation develops the mathematical formulas used to produce FICO scores.

Your fico score consists of the following:

lindsay lohan mom

This is really scary. I had no idea that there was this much stuff on me. These sites are really awesome and I am learning alot. I am beginning to understand why parents act this way.

Another article my Mom sent me was about the Poconos. The last time I heard about the Poconos was those cheesy Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge commericals.

now's the perfect time. the season is just right. we can play all day and dance into the night. at beautiful mount airy lounge, all you have to bring is your love of everything. all you have to bring is your love of everything, beautiful mount airy lodge.

The article was really, really scary. I mean these poor people wanted a home for themselves and they got completely screwed over.

She left this note.

A trustfund does not make you bulletproof. Although life maybe easier for you, you are still vulnerable to all of life's unforseen tragedies. Learn to be humble or life will humble you.

Loud and clear Mom.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Stop yelling at me

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

Once again Dad proceeded to rip into me at dinner tonight.

His deal was that I do not need to spend this much money for an apartment. I did not need 3 bedroom suites and what the hell do I need servants quarters for?

I kept telling him it my trustfund could cover the whole cost. Then he went ape**** screaming that money is not to be wasted and that I was on my way to ruin and that this was all Grandma's fault. Mom sat calmly, thinning her lips waited for Dad to stop screaming then told him to go into the other room and watch one of his dvds.

I thought Mom was going to go off on me but instead she poured some tea and started talking about shoes. She asked about my Jimmy Choos which I got on sale for 300. She asked if would I have bought it for 500? I told her no since they were out of season. She asked about my Louis Vutton handbag and when I bought it. I told her when it was on sale. She asked me how many stores did I go to. I told her like 5. Then she smiled and said "It looks like I have taught you something." .

She explained to me that I should treat buying an apartment like I was going shopping. I need to find the best deals. She said I had to find comparables that way I can figure out the best price by by comparing apartments and what they offer and how much they cost. Just like shoes are affected by seasons so are apartments. The winter time is the best time to find bargains for apartments because people are busy shopping and its too cold to go out. By seeing as many apartments as possible you get a better idea to what to buy.

"The most important thing you need to do is look at yourself and figure out what you really need." she said. "Remember your grandmother did not not become rich by being reckless."

I was like, here we go again, another lecture.

She took my hands and said "I know you think we are being hard on you, but we just want you to make the right decisions."

When I told her I felt like they were treating me like a kid, she told me to stop acting like one then and that I was smart enough to know better since I talked to them about the apartments instead of doing stupid. They appreciated that but I needed to take more responsibility for myself. I have been given a rare gift and that I should not take that for granted.

We chatted about her trip to California and made a date to go shopping to buy toys for my sister and her kids. Dad was watching the Rundown for the hundredth time and I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and he whispered goodbye.

I felt blah after that and I just didn't want to deal.

Gimme Gimmme Gimme

I know what I am going to blow my Channukah money on.

lindsay lohan mom

I found this on a site. Its a Fashion Angels Glam-A-Phone Isn't it darling!

Its like camp again! Arts and Crafts all the way! I think I'll buy two for myself and ten for gifts. My sister and her kids would go crazy over these phones.


lindsay lohan mom

The lead singer Gerad is very yummy. But Lero is hot. So many possibilities. But they need to get rid of carrot top.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Open houses

I just got back from a going to a bunch of open houses. Tired, not sure if I am going to a party at the Moe. I already went to opening night.

Mom left a message telling me to cash my Channukah check or else Dad is going to cancel it. We all stopped getting Channukah gifts after I turned 13 since Mom was tired of shopping for 16 presents for the two of us and told Dad it was easier if we did our own shopping.

I saw three apartments in my hood of the upper west. One was for 14 million it had amazing views and it was a real white glove building which means you better have the money honey. It has three two bedroom suites and seven 1 bedroom suites. My only problem is that its a condo.
Mom always pressed into me that coops are a pain but it prevents the B&T from getting in.

lindsay lohan mom

Its going for $10,650,000. I loved the dining room which was a paneled mahogany. It had sick views of the park and a huge living area.

The last one I saw was an $11,900,000 10 room aptartment of Central Park West. It had this really special gallery with Powder room and the living room had a wood buring fireplace. There was even a libary and some rooms for the help.

I am going to talk the parents and then I will make a decision. I will be glad when this is over it that. Finally the will be off my back.

Calling VD. If she goes I'll go.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lindsay Lohan and The Sound of Music

lindsay lohan mom

The first time I saw the Sound of Music and I thought Julie Andrews was the coolest nun ever. She was so amazing with her singing and gentle hand as the governess of the von Trapp children. Grandma got really annoyed at me when I said I wanted to become Catholic.

Christopher Plummer was my first real crush. So masculine yet had such a big heart. I cried during the wedding scene wishing I was Julie Andrews.

In my freshman year they were holding auditions for the school's production of Sound of Music.

The president of the drama club at the time was Zoe Gardner. (Not her real name but her nick name was Zoe) The Zoe, as she was called, had first and last word on all audtions. If she started clapping the whole drama club would join in which meant you were part of the show. But if you were out you got stony silence before she said next. But she had a knack for surprising people by selecting a freshman for a lead role every now and then.

Anyways I prepared for the audition by watching the Sound of Music another ten million times singing along with Julie Andrews, fantasizing becoming Catholic and teaching school children to sing.

At the auditon I sang my heart out with Do Re Mi and even showed my moves that I choregrpahed to the song. At the end of the song I stood there waiting for Zoe Gardner to begin the applause. For a moment I thought maybe she would pick me to become Maria Von Trapp.

Instead she ripped me apart saying I sang like a half dead cow under a steam roller, my dancing reminded her of an epilitic trapped in a strobe light factory and I was no Julie Andrews. I just started crying and ran out.

I found out later that Zoe had it in for me since the beginning of the school year because the week before they broke up I danced with her ex-boyfriend from Horace Mann. I didn't know they were together and I didn't even kiss him all we did was a bit of freaking. So she blamed me for the break up. I never audtioned for a part ever again.

Last I heard of Zoe she tried to be a model in Paris, stopped shaving her pits and is working at a bed and breakfast with some 50 year old guy in Oregon.

When I saw Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen it showed me what could have happened if I had just stood up for myself and just went for it.

lindsay lohan mom

My favorite part is when Lindsay convinces her best friend to go to the Stu Wolf concert and end up getting shut out of the concert. I remember that happening when a bunch of us tried to sneak in to see N'SYNC backstage at msg.

That's why I love that movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen it brought back so many memories of that time. I know it sounds silly but I saw myself as Lindsay Loahn trying to make her dreams come true. Even though the popular girl hated Lindsay and made her life a living Hell, Lindsay never backed down.
All I wanted at that age was to be on stage to have everyone see me on stage. And I let that hairy **** get to me.

And that's why Lindsay Lohan is so awesome since she doing whatever she wants to do by being a rocking movie star.

Going bar hopping in the east village! See ya!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Channukah Dramukah

So the other day VD and I were going to do shopping at Scoop and pick up some Juicy but Dad killed that plan when he called me on my cell. He was annoyed since he had sent ten emails to my blackberry. I was like why didn't you call my cell I barely use the blackberry and he was like why did I buy that for you in the first place? And told me to come to the office right now.

Upon my entrance I was greeted by a black friday sized crowds at a walmart sale, typing papers and making calls. I took that as a bad sign, since it meant Dad had just yelled at everyone. I swear Dad should have been a Drill sergeant. His screams can make you do anything. Whenever I failed a test, Dad would yell at me and then I would run to my room and act like I was studying while reading Cosmo.

He came out of his office and barked out something about some account and three guys in Brooks Brothers suits started ripping apart some filing boxes. Than he brought me in the office me when where we had our father daughter scream. He did all the screaming.

This is how the conversation began.

Dad "Have you seen any apartments?" (Calm yet firm tone)

Me "No"

Dad "Have you been prequalified for a mortgage?(Now more firm)

Me "No"

Dad "Do you know what a mortgage is?"(Now annoyed)

Me "Something you get from a bank?"

Dad (low grumbling, shaking of head)

Dad"Have you decided where you want to live?." (Imagine really like deep growl)

Me "I'm still researching that."



He started yelling that I had lived in Manhattan all my life therefore
I don't need to research anything and I am wasting my life and why don't I have a job and just because I have a trust fund doesn't mean I should act so irresponsibly.

This lasted for about an hour. Usually it takes him five minutes since he gets to the point really quickly but he kept getting interrupted with phone calls and what not and he would have to yell at one of his butt boys for five minutes than he would forget what he was saying to me than he would start from the beginning just to make sure he was covering his bases.

I wished I had a Cosmo to hide behind because he was glaring at me with those laser eyes which I hate because I feel like I am under cross examination. It was like as if I brought home a bad report card.

Then he told me to be home for first night of Channukah since Mom would be leaving for the West Coast soon to see my sister and her family and might not be back till after New Year's. And if I wasn't going to use the blackberry I should give it back since its costing him money.

I scampered out of the office not making eye contact with anyone. They probably felt better knowing that Daddy's little girl got torn a new one and that even I could not escape his rage.

VD suggested I buying sick amounts of Versace with the platinum as a way to P.O. Dad. But I just didn't feel like shopping. We grabbed a couple of lattes and VD started talking about how she would get back at her dad whenever he cheated on her Mom. One time VD's dad's snuck in one of his girlfriends into their apartment since he was too cheap to get a hotel while her Mom was out of town on business. VD found the girl friend's hair brush and sprayed nair on it. Her dad would tell everyone she was going through chemo when her hair fell out. After that he stopped bringing them over and rented an apartment in the east village.

When I got home I still had a couple hours before heading over to my parents, I tried writing another smackdown in response to the comments I was getting but I just couldn't deal and ended up putting a menorah for my entry in honor of those 8 crazy nights.

I started searching on the net about apartments because I figure Dad would hammer me with another pop quiz and so not in the mood.

I tried looking at some real estate sites but all they seemed to say the same thing. That the apartments were amazing and were great deals.

I looked up morgage on google and I got a billion websites. I found this definition

A mortgage is security for a loan on the property that you own. It provides for your personal guarantee to repay the loan as well as a pledge of the property as security for the loan.

I guess the best comparison is that a morgage is the credit card bill after you buy something and you have to pay that bill off.

When I got home Mom was already finishing up the latkes and Dad was on the phone doing business. Mom asked me the usual questions. How was I doing? Was their a boy in my life?

Over latkes I told Daddy what a mortgage was and just like I called it he began to cross examine me on how to get one. Mom nipped it in the bud by serving more latkes and told him to leave me alone and that I was trying.

I get sad around Channukah since the whole family would always go Grandma's house in Westchester, making her laktes while the kids were playing with each other and the adults sipping coffee and wine. Then all the kids would fight over who would light the first candle and my Dad would yell that no one would light the candle and Channukah was cancelled. Then we'd all start crying and Grandma would tell us that Channukah was still on and would light the first candle herself and would say a prayer. The icing on the cake were the presents. One year I got the whole line of Barbie dolls, playsets and matching outfits.

But after Grandma passed away it Channukah was never the same.She held us all were laugh and her way about the kitchen. We still got together but as a family we began to drift apart. My cousins were going to college and for all the kids it was uncool to hang with the rent crowd. I still miss her latkes.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Happy Channukah

lindsay lohan mom

I am off to light a candle.

Prada Princess Comment Smackdown

There were some really nasty comments on my Thanksgiving Trauma and I wish I was like Lindsay Lohan entries. I would like to take this moment to respond to them. It was getting annoying doing them seperately.

You are richer than Linday Lohan, yet you rent??? No way. I don't have a trust fund, but even I have a condo.

A condo? Everyone knows the best buildings in Manhattan are coops. Condos are so B&T. What's wrong! Can't face the board? Is it your job? You shouldn't be ashamed of being part of the world oldest's profession.

you have GOT to be joking. grow up.

My life is not a joke. I take it sooo seriously. What do you know about growing up? Your surrounded by pine trees and drunk hockey players. The only contribution your country has produced to this day is Avril Lavigne and that's not much.

wow, you get a lot of random dwellers.
i like your thanksgiving account. it's nice to have a life totally different then my to read about, and then find out that maybe it's not as different as i thought.

You are so sweet. You are completely right we are not so different than anyone else.

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Honey, I've met some pretentious **** in my life, but I'm afraid you take the cake. I assume you come from nouveaux-riche stock, as no *real* trust-funder I know would be so crass as to refer to themselves as a "Prada princess."

Oh, wait: you live on the Upper WEST Side. Never mind. All makes sense. Call me when you relocate to somewhere a tad more classy -- Park Ave or Darien perhaps -- 'kay, hon? In the meantime, have fun dancing on the banquettes at B8 and Marquee with your similarly vulgar trustafarian galpals.

First of all you ****less wonder you are so lucky that you did not call me a **** to my face because I would go SICK on you. Its Prada Princess b**** both P's are capitalized. You best remember that and just step off. For your information, my trust fund was set up by my grandma because she wanted to take care of all of us. That's called love you punk. Yeah upper west is my hood and you better believe I represent. B8? You obviously never been. Marquee? The Prada Princess and friends don't hang with the bridge and tunnel scene. And I don't call men. They call me. You need not apply since you are not even a man.

I love this blog. Please, all, try to see through the shallow and asinine tone. Beyond it, there lies a mind thoroughly in tune with the fast-food celebrity ordure in which our daily lives are steeped.

Her brilliant sign-off " least I am richer..." cuts right to the heart of modern culture: the knowledge that, no matter how sad and worthless our lives might be, we can always reinforce our self-image by the simple action of swiping a credit card. Please, dear blogger, never stop offering us this heady mixture of irony and insight.

Uhh, I am not sure what he means but it sounds like something out of one of my professors would say in my Comm studies class. So I guess its cool.

For the people I forgot who left nice things to say. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Prada Princess faces her public

This is a recent email I received that I would like to share with all of you.

how could you turn off comments? are you really that fragile? think about what you've done; you've insulated an anonymous identity from
criticism. it's not like any of us would know you if we saw you on
the street.

I am not fragile but I am not just going sit there and be the world's punching bag.
Just because no one knows who i am doesn't meanit doesn't hurt.

of course we're going to be mean, but what else did you expect? did
you really think we would sympathize with someone who complains that
her father wants to take away her platinum card, leaving her with
nothing but a trust fund?

I never asked for sympathy. But I never expected people could be so horrible.
Is that how you judge people based on how much they make? I think you should judge what is in their heart.

oh, and if you stop cowering and turn comments back on, please allow
anonymous comments.

I am not cowering. I am taking a stand. What does not kill me makes me stronger.


I was crying last night over the comments some of you made. Why are you so mean to me? I have never done anything to any of you.

It cost me 100 bucks but I had this IT guy from next door turn off the comments section on my blog. The comments were just so vicous. As for the few people who said nice things to me. Thank you.

I hate being critizised but if you have something to say in the immortal words of Kirsten Dunst. "Bring It On". Here's my email

Sunday, December 05, 2004

I wish I was like Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan mom

I wish my mom and I could hang out like this.
I wish I was I was Lindsay Lohan. Well, at least I am richer than her.