Thursday, July 14, 2005

The smackdown returns

After hacking enough mucus to choke a cow, I went through to find some serious hateage on my blog. I almost f**king die and get c**t zapped.

seriously, develop a coke habit. you will have way better stories. do it for your art, PP.

You think coke is funny? Do you know how many people I know who have been chained to walking the white line? There was this one girl in my school who was training to be a ballet dancer. She was actually in the Nutcracker Suite a couple of times. She was so good that Zoe would beg her to be in the drama club productions.

One day she dissappeared. I never knew what happened to her until a couple of weeks later when T told us that ballet girl was on a diet of nose candy to suppress her appetite. Ballerinas are notoriously skinny and this was ballet girl's way to deal with her weight.

Do I see people beak up? Yes. But I don't get involved.

Then I got these three priceless jems.

now i really do this you are fake b/c i don't think cell phones were small enough to carry around when you were a freahmen in HS...i call bulls**t

O Learned One said...
i also call bullsh**. what fucking bars allow 14 year olds?

Why were you shopping at the Woodbury Commons OUTLET if you really are as blinged out as you'd like us to believe?? Yes, Woodbury Commons is elite as far as OUTLETS go, but seriously now, why aren't you extending the plastic over at the flagships on the actual island????

I was going go Samuel L. Jackson on their asses but then I got this lovely response

Anonymous said...
Blech, you people are all so unnecessarily critical. I thought her entry was cute, and I can answer all of your questions for her with little or no thought, nor without even knowing her. And I will do just that since she sounds like she needs the rest.

Coke comment...dismissed...I'm bored. More originality please.

Next up: Please! Just bceause cell phones weren't small doesn't mean people still didn't carry them around. Try to remember your own cell phone from eight years ago...mine was big then too but it still came with me everywhere at that age.

Then: She said she met her boyfriend at a sweet sixteen party, meaning she was probably roughly around the same age. In regards to what bar in NY would let them in...check out this article:
Then move out of your small town.

Lastly: She explained in her post that the reason they were at Woodbury was that they were looking for a pair of pants they couldn't find anywhere else. Any moron with half a brain would know that the pants were most likely out of season if they had to shlep over to Woodbury. We've all done desperate things in the name of fashion...get over youself.

It's so pathetic that you people have nothing better to do but sit around trying to unsucessfully call bullshit on someone telling a story about a childhood trauma. Go out and live your own crazy lives and write about them on your own blogs. Lord knows I do.

I couldn't have said it better. But I am going to.

I never said we used cellphones. Why are you putting words in my mouth?

As for you O Learned One. Stick to what you know like cow tipping, trailerparks and cross burning. If there is one you should learn from me is that in Manhattan all it takes is the serivces of Henri Bendel, tight jeans, a pair of chicken cutlets and your sister's college ID and you can go party like P.Diddy.

As I have said before. I am not a big fan of Woodbury. But VD wanted those pants and they were nowhere to be found. You have to remember this was before online shopping became so big.

Its almost 11 and I am out of tampons. Running out to Duane Reade.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I never said we used cellphones. Why are you putting words in my mouth"

"VD called me ten times on my cell and found me in the bathroom where I bawled the whole story."


1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I never said we used cellphones. Why are you putting words in my mouth"

"VD called me ten times on my cell and found me in the bathroom where I bawled the whole story."

You bear me too it but a big fat DITTO and wanted to add that i would never put words in your mouth...with a friend named VD i don't want to get anywhere NEAR your mough

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahah! you really are a dumb bitch! only city slickers actually think there's such a thing as 'cow tipping'. why don't come on down here and try it for yourself? i'll even videotape it.

and as far as you being able to get into a bar at 14 - let me just say 'wow'. you started killing some brain cells early. i no longer wonder why in hell you are so incredibly stupid.

are you even going to try to explain why you specifically mentioned having a cell phone in this story, then tried to deny it when you got called out?


1:12 PM  

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