Thursday, July 28, 2005

Checking my options

In kindergarten, I got into trouble when Ms. W was leading the class in animal sounds. She would ask what sound does a cow make and we would all go moo. Then she would ask what a sound dog makes and we would go ruff. Then she would go what the sound a bee make. The rest of the class would go buzz but I would go ruff. The kids around me would stare at me. One girl Lisa said outloud "A bee doesn't go ruff."

After that happened Ms. W had a talk with my mom and suggested that I may developmentally challenged. She was a hair away from being fired. Dad talked her out of it. But I think my parents may have thought I was a bit off in my childhood especially when I had these rain man moments when I would go read the entire encyclopedia britannica.

I am not perfect. It is just me. Don't ask me how I got pass school. But let's just say college students will do anything for beer money. But I was always told by my teachers that if I applied myself and took some effort to look over my work I would be fine.

Its really sweet of you all to give me advice. I beginning to realize there are nice people out there despite the fact there are alot of them with a serious hate on for me. Its nice to know I am being cheered on.

Next month is my last doing this internship then I have to figure out what to do. My brain is just focused on getting this internship over with. I'll figure out the rest later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, this was actually your most interesting post yet.

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