Thursday, December 30, 2004

Every girl wants to be Jewcy!

Parents decided to stay for New Years with my sister and her family while I am in Manhattan. VD sent me this article on Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan says: "I did start to look into the whole Kabbalah thing a while ago, just because my mom was like: 'Maybe you should try it.'

"And Demi was on the set one day at 70's Show, and it interested me, because they talk about ego and stuff."

Yes. Jewish girls rock! I am glad Lindsay respects my culture but this Kabbalah stuff has to stop. I mean just because you take a couple of classes on Kaballah and listen to a couple of Madonna albums does not make you Jewish.

I hada really bad experience with dealing with Kaballah when I met up with some friends for a birthday dinner, one of them brought his girlfriend who was this Asian beeyotch who was really into Kaballah. When I ordered the shrimp tempura she started asking me if I was really going to eat that. And as a Jew how I should be ashamed of not keeping kosher and that I lost touch with my roots.

I told her that I did ten years of hebrew school and the rabbi was proud how I did at my Bat Mitzvah and one kaballah lesson did not make her a kosher butcher let alone a rabbi. She began waving her hand in our faces which was covered in that red Kaballah string and told me my negative words could not harm her since her kabbalah bracelet protected her from my evil eye. VD told her if she did not stop waving her hand in our faces she was going strangle her with her Kaballah bracelet.

We're still trying to figure out if we still want to go to the MTV New Year's bash. We don't have tickets but we know somone in there who can get us in. The problem is that we have to get there really early and once we're in we can't leave until its over. Which kind of sucks because we have like a couple of other parties lined up. And I don't want to be stuck in Times Square all night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Years, my light, my love, my Prada Princess. May all your material dreams come true. ;)


6:03 PM  
Blogger Spinner B said...


You are awesome. I just randomly discovered your blog today. Hope all is well. I am a Jew living in Wisconsin and it's snowing like crazy, but fortunately, I'm going to the South tomorrow. ;-)

Anyway, Happy January and Shalom,


7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Princess, wake up and smell the Lox. There is a whole world outside your LV bag. If you acted with some awareness (example - giving some of your boundless time and money to tsunami victims) people would be a whole lot nicer to you. While you are looking for an apartment that will house servants people who lost everything are sleeping on the ground. You voted for Kerry but imagine what could have happened if you donated half or your monthy shopping allowance to his campain OR simply spend your free time encouraging people to vote.

7:44 AM  
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