Saturday, December 25, 2004

A sitdown with the girls

Dad arrived late last night. The kids went crazy this morning by Grandpa waking them up and so the men and the boys are off to the beach. The girls are sitting this one out.

We had little talk about real esate. Sis heard about Dad yelling at me for having such poor choices for apartments. She drilled the party line that just because doesn't mean I should waste it and what did I need staff quarters for. All I'm goign to do is turn it into a walk in closet. Mom sat back and since my sister was doing her job for her.

She wanted to know what I was doing with my life. I was like, I don't know hanging out with friends. Sis was like "You have to find something."

I told them I was getting annoyed. Everyone was getting on my case. I was like "Should I have kids?" She was like no. Don't have kids just because you nothing else better to do. Have a family because its something you want.

As a joke I told her my dream was to be a rockstar like Lindsay Lohan, to sing and write my own songs. Sis was like go do it then. Write something do something. She kept saying that time moves really fast. I'm 31 and I have three kids. I'm suprised how quickly this happened. She kept making references to Ferris Bueller which is like her favorite movie.
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

She kept going back to me being so stupid with my choice of apartments. That I had take control of my life and be more responsible and and realistic with my choices stop acting like Tara Reid.

I was really p*** about the Tara Reid comment but I can't be angry at my sister. I mean she's been through alot herself.

At college she chose the easiest major which was corporate communications. Her plan was simply go into PR and get married. In the summer before her junior year she went abroad to England where she had doing an independnet study for a PR firm but the the persons she was interning for got fired and the new boss wanted nothing to do with her. She was freaking out because she would have to stay another semester in school if she didn't get an internship. Her roommate at the time was dating an English med student who got her a position as a volunteer at a local hospital in the pediatrics department.

I guess it had a real impact on her because afterwards she suprised us all by saying she wanted to be a doctor. In her junior year she switched to biology. I mean this a girl who got as note from my mind excusing her from dissecting a frog since it made her vomit. For two years she spent every waking hour in the library. She took a full load of courses during the summer too. If she wasn't studying she was volunterring for medical stuff.

We barely saw her at home since she was always studying. Mom was getting worried because as she put it she looked like a "starbucks junkie" which I agree. I mean she stopped going to parties, hanging out with friends and I think she even stopped wearing makeup.

Her senior year was really depressing because she nearly had a nervous break down stduying for the MCASTS and then she got rejected from every med school in New York. Even the Sunys didn't want her and state schools usally take anyone. She got wait listed at two schools. One in Oaklahoma and the other in Oregon. The oakies ended up rejecting her but Oregon said come on in. She perferred Oregon because the state was next to the ocean even though the school was in the boonies.

I was really envious of about how pround Mom and Dad were when she went of to med school They kept making such a big deal how she was accepted and making Oregon sound like Harvard.

After she did her 4 years at Oregon. She ended up doing her residenecy in LA. Met her husband who was working as a lawyer at the same hospital where she was a resident. And now shis living the life of a Desperate Housewife.

Is that a life I want? No. Maybe later. But definitely not now. But I guess she is right. Life does move pretty fast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hey! Welcome back to the comments. Hope you're having a great Christmas.

8:54 PM  
Blogger -J. said...

I think perhaps you should become my sugar-mama. We could hunt for apartments together, servant's quarters or not, and jet around the world whilst I attend to your every need.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog (it was mentioned/linked on gawker) and I think it's fabulous. In fact, I'm sending you a link to a great apartment. No, I'm not a real estate agent; but, I do check the real estate sections of the NY papers just to see if anything interesting is posted.

Take care, Eliana Levy

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you hot?
Can you post a pic of yourself?

11:15 PM  

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