Thursday, December 23, 2004

Email Bag

My brother in law has finally got the racetrack setup but the kids are coming down from their sugar high and just want to sleep so Mom is tucking her grandchildren into bed. He's helping Sis with the dishes. The maid is on vacation so they are taking care of the household chores. Its funny. Both of them are pretty high on the success food chain but not above washing the dishes together.

I offered to help but they were like no. I guess its the only time they can be alone together.

Anyways I completely forgot about my emails. Below are some that have been sent to me. Btw, any brokers who emailed me. Thank you for offering your help. But I am going to try to feel this out on my own. But thank you.

Btw. All email addresses and names will be withheld. So feel free to email me.

You're doing a wonderful job. Of COURSE you're going to get criticized. Screw 'em. Buy more shoes; that'll make you feel better.

Thank you. Your right. Screw 'em I think I will buy another pair of Jimmy Choos in your honor.

but don’t become defensive and nasty because of all the negative postings of the haters. you've a great sense of humor, don’t let them make you bitter. ALWAYS, take the high road. you will be the classier one in the end for it. keep on postin, and DON’T buy a place if you're not ready, just cause your parents, friends, etc. say you should. it's apparent you have a strong independent streak, so do what's right for YOU.

p.s. don’t look down on the less fortunate, for the same reason they shouldn’t hate you for being fortunate.

Ok first of all I have never looked down the less fortunate. Remember I voted for Kerry. I am not being defensive agains the haters. But I will not let them get away with what they say. As for the real estate advice, as you know my family has that covered but it is nice of you throw in your two cents. Taking the high road is hard. Especially when you its cut off from you.

I love your writing. Keep it up. Funny, funny stuff!

I don't mean it to be but thanks I guess.

Is Prada Princess based on a real person that you know?

Yes. Its based on me. God. What a dork.

This is from a lady from Europe who wrote a long email. Here are some bits that
are interesting.

NEVER talk about labels and prices unless you know
that that people with whom you are speaking are in a
similar financial situation. I've gotten myself in
'trouble', so to speak, for 'name-dropping' and
'bragging' because I'd happened to mention a new
purchase around people who are not as wealthy as me.
I'm sure you know that I was not bragging; labels and
prices are openly discussed around my circle of
friends, so I think nothing of it.
*people do not like to be reminded that they are
(relatively) poor*. Having read your blog, you do
*sometimes* appear to be pushing the fact that you are
wealthy into people's faces. As i'm sure you now now,
it does not incite a good reaction.

I am not a name dropper. All I do is talk about clothes and other stuff I have
bought. I am not bragging that I have more money than I know what to do with. Its
just a fact. I am not pushing my lifestyle on anybody. Its just who I am. I mean the way I see it no one is ever going to be happy with who you are. Let's say I did all these things. There would some people who would think I was completely fake. That I was being something I was not. Worse, I would like I have this huge inferiority complex. So who cares. Why change and please others when you should just please yourself?

If you do not wish to recieve any more
horrid comments, perhaps you should stop writing about
your wealth in your blog? I know that it is
increadibly difficult to extricate yourself from an
intrinsic part of your life and personality, but it's
the only way to be 'left alone', so to speak.

My wealth or money or trustfund should not be such an issue for people.
I mean. Who cares. Yes its part of my life but its not me. If they don't
leave me alone. Whatever. That's their hangup.

Again, I'm sorry that you are
going through this. I wish it weren't the case where
the rich are looked down on for being so, but
unfortunately, it is the way of the world now. Take

I think its complete crap but from I am experiencing right now its ture.
Just because you have a bigger bank account than the rest of the free world
you are considered to be scum. What did I do? Did I go shoot some bunnies?
Did I sell crack to school kids. No. But she's right. I am persecuted for what I have. But like Mandela I will be strong. They didn't break Martha. They won't break me. Thank you for the email.

This was from New Zealand.

Hi, I was just given the link to your website, I'm not sure what the
story is with all the negative feedback but I figure forget
them. You have something that they want and you even seem to be a nice
person from what I've read. I don't think people like rich
plus nice, they need someone to hate.

Anyway, thought I would drop you a note to let you know that there are
some nice people on the net and I hope you keep writing the
blog, would be interesting to hear how things turn out.

I hope you have a fantastic day.

It looks like your right. People need somebody to beat on. Looks like the rich girl
is an easy target. Especially when I have something they want. Thank you for your kind words.

1) Go to;

2) Enter your user name and password;

3) You'll see a mark under "Change Settings." Click it;

4) In the settings tab, click the link that says "Comments;"

5) Click "Show;"

6) Enjoy.

When you sign in at, and get to the "dashboard," click on
"change settings."
Under settings, there is a row of options that looks like this:

* Basic * Publishing * Formatting * Comments * Archiving * Site Feed
* Email * Members
Click on "comments."
Under "who can comment," pick "only registered users" from the drop
down menu.
This is also the page where you can turn off comments, which is right
below "who can comment."

When you are writing a new entry, there is an option below the portion
you write in, that says " Allow New Comments on This Post," yes or no.

It would have been a big help if both of you sent pictures along with your instructions. Let's see if I did this right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a name-dropper, I have been reading your blog (linked from gawker) for 5 minutes and I see LV, Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Choo. As a proud NYC Fashionista I can only hope you are a joke - if you are for real I am glad to hear that you are not competing in the fashion olympics where the brands you brag about are has-beens.

LV has become pedestrian (hense chinatown)
Jimmy Choo is so 5 years ago (jimmy who?)
Lindsay Lohan contradicts herself (I don't want people talking about me anymore, so I'll just write a pop song about it)

7:58 AM  

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