Saturday, April 01, 2006

This isn't a smackdown. It is a response.

I was going to ignore these comments because I have more than my fair share of haterade but then I read this one on the my entry on Stripping for fat girls.

Lauren said...
I left a couple of comments in the post you're referring to. Let me clarify a few things:

1. I'm not fat, but nice try. I do happen to be insecure about my body, though, and it hurt me that you would take uninformed jabs at women just for their weight. It's a disgusting prejudice--as disgusting as racism or sexism.

2. If the post were funny, I would've laughed. But it wasn't, and you're not. Your "humor" is akin to the kind you'd find in a schoolyard; low-brow, cruel and, frankly, not at all amusing or clever.

3. I think you should respond to whatever comments set you off. Let us know what you think. Throw out some counter-points. I'm eager to hear what you have to say, honestly.

Well here I am. And first off I have to say I am also insecure about my body. In fact I was at a crossroads in getting plastic surgeory on parts of my body which I won’t mention since I am still a bit sensitive about it. What I think is really outrageous is that you are comparing gaining a couple of pounds to the Montgomery bus boycott. I am sure the NAACP would agree with your point of view that the snarky remarks about the calorie challenged is in line with racial profiling.
I will say what I want to say. You don’t like it? Don’t read it.

Anonymous said...
You know, I left a comment on your blog that heavily critisized your writing. And, while I hold to my opinions, I apologize for stating them so cruelly. I was only feeding into the cycle of hatred, and I'm sorry to have hurt your feelings.

That is very noble of you. But which comment are you talking about?

You obviously haven't seen these girls. The Red Hots themselves, that is. They are amazing, hot, smart, brilliant, attractive and better than you. Feel free to introduce yourself. I'm at everyone of their shows.
Val Killmore

Obviously I don’t want to be anywhere near these girls. I am sure since being fired from Neverland Ranch, where women are banned and all you did was serve Jesus Juice to the little boys, that these girls are like the Victoria Secret models. I have one word for you. Playboy. Look into it.

Anonymous said...
Why are you so concerned with what other people are doing? Why don't you find some activity that makes *you* happy rather than being nasty about women who are doing something that makes *them* happy. It takes balls to get up in front of people and perform. It's not like hiding behind a keyboard and taking pot shots at strangers.
If I was really concerned about these people I would be at this school right and administering first aid to the people who have lost their eyesight going to their shows.

I am not making any nasty comments. I am just making observations. Good for them that they are out there shaking their junk. But this isn’t self esteem camp where you get a trophy for taking a crap. Its their choice but that doesn’t mean I have clap along with the rest of the herd.

As a what you would cnsider "Fat girl"
in the burlesque scene. I can say that this has been one of the few places ( even in Hollywood) where my weight hasn't been an issue.
What trubles me about this isn't your desire to neversee them strip.
You have your aesthetic- I don't want to watch a person who has no stage training strip...there we a go. A difference of opinion.
However your judgement of a woman who eats 3 sticks of butter for breakfast..well splendabuns- why do you so deeply care?
There are a good deal of us dancing who do not meet the standard of modern thin, but does that mean we need to hide away? Don the burqa and never be seen because we are not thin?
We're performers.
Not runway models.
I think you have a very skewed idea of what burlesque is about.
You should educate yourself.
Sure it is striptease, we strip- but we are also funny,aware,violent,surreal,obscure, irreverent and just plain odd.
Know the artform, and know that some of us put the art before the form.
And the bookings keep rolling in

I am happy that you found your calling as a naked tester for little debbie snack cakes. Calling what you do an art form and yourselves performs is liking calling competitive eating a sport and competitive eaters atheletes.
Everyone is asking why I care? Well, I don’t. But why do you care about what I have to say? Why are all of you fixated on little old me? Is it because I’m right? Could it be that the little trust fund princes who barely got out of college has hit a nerve?

I think there's room for everyone in the entertainment industry, no matter what size, shape, or whatever. It's the talent and the passion that matter.
There really is no call, in any forum, for snarky opinions without facts to reference...If you don't like the art of burlesque, fine. That's your opinion.
But naked hatred based on physical characteristics is kind of beneath you, don't you think?

Hate? You don’t know the meaning of the word. When I let loose my hate, you’ll know. Trust me you’ll know.

It seems like you really don't understand what burlesque is. It's not "stripping."

Burlesque is Art. No, really. Take Little Brooklyn, for example. She is one of the best burly-q girls in the country and she does routines inspired by "Mommie Dearest," "Silence of the Lambs," and Pee-Wee Herman. They bring down the house every time. That ain't stripping, sister.

Come out and see The Red Hots or Starshine Burlesque. I think you'd appreciate the hard work, humor and creativity that goes into these acts-- acts by women of ALL sizes-- if you took the time to actually see one.

No it ain’t stripping. It’s more like projecting sexual fantasties about abusive mothers, psycho killers in drag and pocket pool at the adult film theatres

How dare you spread the narrow minded retoric that in order to have any kind of sex appeal or self worth that a woman must fit into the ridiculous ideals put forth by our media.
How hateful, vapid, and idiotic of you. Oh, I'm sorry, you must be perfect and we lesser mortals who don't qualify as 'the beautiful people' can go wallow in shit because we're not presenting you with the image you wanna see. How shallow you must be. And lest you think that the only reason I'm commenting is that I must be some easily dismissed subhumanoid fat girl, think again. I don't qualify as one of the hot volumptuous ladies you so readily diss, but I have many gorgous hot curvy fat girl friends who don't need bitches like you spreading the hate around. Grow the f**k up.

No they don’t have b***es like me. Obviously from your words you are all they need.

And lest you think that the only reason I'm commenting is that I must be some easily dismissed subhumanoid fat girl, think again. I don't qualify as one of the hot volumptuous ladies you so readily diss, but I have many gorgous hot curvy fat girl friends who don't need bitches like you spreading the hate around. Grow the fuck up.

Ahh, I smell fat guilt. It is obvious your covering up your disdain for your friends. A true friend of the fatties would just use voluptous and instead of using the voluptous again have siad. And the “dismissed subhumanoid fat girl” really take sthe cake. What you actually qualify as those girls who need to hang out with people who are fatter then you so can look thinner and cuter. You probably make deal how you need to lose weight and tell your friends their thin. And whenever you go out to dinner you always have them finish your plate. Which is a pretty good strategy but be careful. Eventually they will figure out what you are up to and roll over on you. Literally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is obvious your covering up your disdain for your friends.

YOUR is the possessive.

YOU'RE is the contraction of YOU and ARE

as in: It is obvious YOU'RE covering up YOUR disdain for YOUR friends.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

Discrimination is discrimination is discrimination, and it's ugly in any form.

Try replacing any references to 'fat' in your post with the word 'black' and see how is reads.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

Oops. "is" should be "it."

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You truly are a waste of space. Why do you even bother.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you and your cobweb-ridden twat.

11:30 AM  

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