Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The end of comments?

I try to ignore this s**t but its gotten to the point where I feel I have to do something about this comment.

I guess your lurking did'nt clue you in to who you are talking to.
PP does not take Earnest advice. She doesn't take any advice at all. She just f***s around with life and when she gets too depressed, which is every other minute or so, she eats a box of Cocoa Puffs with soy milk, gains another ten pounds, tells her commentors to f**k off, and that, in a nutshell, is her life.
She is doomed, even now, at the advanced age of 21, to her golden cage, her prison, her living death, and there is not a f**king thing anyone, anywhere can do about it.
She was born into a family blessed with money, but she was not blessed with brains, a spine, or, for that matter, with looks worth taking note of.

I have nothing against advice. I have something against people telling me what to do and juding me for who I am. We all have problems with our lives whether we are rich or poor. How dare you say such things about me. What makes your life so great? What makes you so special that you can act as judeg jury and exectutioner?

C'est la vie, we can't all be winners.
The way she is now is the way she will always be.
She will not find out what she really likes to do, because she does not and will not ever really like to do anything.
She will spend her entire life in a protracted state of ennui, spiced up by shopping and binge eating.

No. We're not all winners. Except for me. I know IA mgoing to win. Trust fund or no trust fund. And you are right. So far I am not really happy about what is going on with my life and maybe it will be like this for awhile, maybe till the day I die. But in the meantime I will enjoy the simple pleasures of my life. If it means going light speed with the amex platinum buying LV handbags. Fine. If it means eatinga pint of Cherry Garcia every night. Fine.

That's it, that's all there is, there ain't no more to her than that.
I suppose her father will one day blackmail some young lawyer into marrying her, dangling the carrot of the family wealth, and a partnership in the firm.
She will always have someone to take care of her financially, she need never work.
Emotionally, she will never have ANYONE to take care of her. Simply because...she is entirely empty. She has got nothing to give. She cannot love or care for anyone, not now, not ever, and no one will ever really love or care for her.
She is a zombie, devoid of real human feelings.
It is'nt even really her fault, entirely. It is her family tradition, to value money over character, or genuine feeling, or altruism.
The fault that is hers is not seeing through it all.
So, doling out advice to her with a straight face is completely ludicrous, a waste of time.

I swear to god if I ever meet you I will take my foot and stick up so far up your ass you will coughing up my Manolo Blahnik. Don't you dare talk about my family like that. Just because somone has full financial support does not mean they are empty within. Want to know my true my family tradition? It's finding a**holes like you and smacking them down with the reality that they the only thing they can do is be sad and miserable spread the haterade because that is all they have in their lives.

Maybe I will end being a wife of a guy that my father has set up for me. Maybe the guy who sees me as a meal ticket to money and a secure position in life and we'll live a lie of a marriage while he cheats on me and I seduce my massuse while our kids are sent off to boarding school to Switzerland.

If you want love. Show some first. Give hate and you will get it right back.

You want to hear something f**ked up? I wish I was in your words "a zombie, devoid of real human feelings." I wish I was. I wish I was just completely numb. Then I wouldn't have to deal with peopel liek you and and the those hyenas at work. I wouldn't feel alone when I see my see my friends with their boyfriends. Then I wouldn't feel like s**t everytime my parents would yell at me about my life.


Blogger Ole said...

If reading your blog has taught me anything, PP, it's that you struggle with how you respond to negative criticism. Instead of replying to comments like the one you've highlighed with inanities like "I'm gonna kick your redneck ass with my oh-so-expensive fuck-me boots", why not try and understand that all people are after is a rise out of you?

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read something that made me think of you, PP. It's Steve Jobs's commencement speech at Stanford and it's really good (and short as these things go). It might cheer you to know that even someone like Steve Jobs didn't know what the heck he was going to do with himself when he was young, either.

Steve Jobs speech

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uhhh... the phrase "golden cage" is typically used to refer to the book of the same name and/or the condition (anorexia) the book describes. so the person who attempted to insult your weight didn't exactly know their shit. and frankly, who among us couldn't stand to lose ten pounds? I know I could.

5:18 PM  

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