Friday, May 27, 2005

Hamptons craziness

This was from Yesterday's Page 6

YOUNG Hollywood can rest easier now that police have arrested the man suspected of committing a string of burglaries in the Beverly Hills and Bel Air area.
Darnell Riley, 28, was officially busted two months ago in connection with a burglary/robbery at "Girls Gone Wild" gazillionaire Joe Francis' home in January 2004 — but he's also being investigated for break-ins at the homes of Paris Hilton, baby oil heiress Casey Johnson, club promoter Tommy Alastra and other L.A. celebs.

A source said the crime ring used a gorgeous Elite model, still at large, to infiltrate the Hollywood party scene: "She would befriend the men, get the security codes to their homes and then send Riley in."

Just before the 2004 Golden Globes, Francis returned to his Bel Air home as it was being robbed. The intruder Francis recently identified as Riley held him at gunpoint and stole $300,000 in cash and valuables.

Sources added that Francis was "being blackmailed." Francis would only say, "I can confirm I was robbed at gunpoint."

When Hilton's home was burgled in September of 2004, it looked eerily similar to the Francis break-in.

At the time, Hilton spokesman Elliot Mintz confirmed that a "very, very professional" gang swiped more than $100,000 worth of jewelry, cash, video tapes and other items from the Hollywood Hills house Paris was renting with her sister, Nicky.

After the burglary, more Hilton sex tapes mysteriously appeared, and damaging reports surfaced of a tape where Hilton supposedly used the "n-word."

Insiders say Hilton paid dearly to make sure the tape was never found. A source said, "She was blackmailed. She paid $20,000 a month to have that tape not released." Hilton told PAGE SIX via her rep, "Anyone who blackmails should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

Hollywood insiders say Frankie Muniz and Wes Anderson may also have been burglarized, but their reps deny it.

Steve Coleman, a Los Angeles police officer who worked the case, told PAGE SIX: "Darnell Riley is in custody and charged with burglary, robbery, and home invasion. This is an ongoing investigation."

Asked if the cops were looking into whether or not Riley had pulled the heists at the homes of Hilton, Johnson and the others, Coleman said, "That's fair to say."

This explains alot why there were so many rumors about Paris Hilton. I am not sure how you could blackmail Joe Franics I mean the guy makes money off of naked coeds. I guess the videos have to tbe really nasty.

I am heading off to the Hamptons tomorrow morning. I am meeting VD and rest of the claque at VD's Dad's new EastHamptons crib. I was going to go today but I think got a bit of food poisoning from some california rolls I bought at this sushi place. Never trust sushi made by mexicans. Half my face was completely swollen. When VD saw she thought I got punched in the face. We think might have been msg which is kind of weird because I only thought msg was in chinese food.

I took Thursday off to go shopping. I called in sick and made sure I stayed downtown so that no one from work would see me. The plan was to leave at noon today but the mexican sushi workers put a stop to that.

I felt sick all day but now I feel better. I am not too crazy about this weekend. The weather is going to be icky and everyone is coming out there. Got to expect the B&T to be showing in full force. Late I am watching the disney channel and watching the ending of Mulan. Maybe that's what I should do. Buy a sword to fight the crowds.


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of course there is msg in japanese food as well. in fact, if i remember correctly, japanese invented msg.

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