Thursday, May 19, 2005

Revenge of the Virgins

Last night I met up with near work at Morrel Wine Bar where we feasted on Lobster Fricassee and Housemade Terrine of Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Dead duck and shellfish never tasted so good. Over steak and risotto I bitched about my co-workers and this stupid internship. VD spilled her inter war stories when she interned for this FX. There was this one beeyotch who kept getting her to do her work which was stuffing and licking envelopes. She kept trying to guilt trip VD saying that if VD screwed it was the beeyotch's ass on the line.

After dinner we walked to Ziegfeld Theatre to look at the crowd lining up for Star Wars. I wish I brought a camera to picture the crowd of nerds. VD cracked that there was probably a sci fi convention' worth. I giggled that this was probably the largest gathering of virgins of all of New York. There were fans dressed up as storm troopers and those other characters from star wars. There was a lot of cameras and media. There was also this huge van that had the name geek squad painted on it. We were completely out of place dressed in our juicy couture

A riot broke out when two guys were giving out free stuff. I think it was called game cards. I guess they are like pokemon. We overheard one guy at the front of the line that he had been there since 10am Tuesday. I have stood on line for concert tickets, trl even for sample sales but a movie? It's not as if this is the only time it will show.

Today VD was in a screaming rage because she had hired a crew of nyu students to promote a club but they never showed up. They all stood in line to watch the midnight showing of starwars. Thank you George Lucas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you talking about nerd musk? Maybe you are a virgin, PP.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Nikki said...

You stood in line for TRL? HA! Now I KNOW you are a loser.

4:42 PM  
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