Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Post Thanksgiving

I am still recovering from Thanksgiving. It took the whole day for my mother and my big sister to cook the turkey. We were going have it pre made but it seems there was a rebellion amongst her litter who demanded a true Thanksgiving experience which included a real dinner cooked by their mother and the Thanksgiving parade.

Mom and the big S focused on dinner whil my dad and brother in law conveniently dissappeared. I was left holding the bag and had to drag my nephews and niece in a carriage all the way to Macy's at 7 am in the morning. It was a freaking zoo. The crowd was like 20 deep. But somehow we managed to finda good spot. We saw Christina Applegate perform. My nephews were screaming "Hey its Kelly Bundy!" They wathc way too much tv. We stayed for an hour watching the various floats and performances then my nephews said they were getting cold and we headed back to the upper westside.

I think this will be the last time we make a turkey because we ended up having dinner at 10 pm. We finished at around midnight and put the kids to bed. But as far as my dad was concerned the party had just started and the next thing I know I am reliving my sorority days doing shots.

I didn't get up till about 3 in the afternoon the next day. I know. I was being sacrilegious for not honoring Black Friday but I was in no condition to shop.

But I have doing alot of sight shopping particularly with this fashion blog. It is an authentic Italian made fashion blog made out of real Italians. It is called Red Apple Trends. They have an Italian version also.

I could go sick over these boots.

Pirelli black boots
Leather boots with vertical stretch band and rubber sole. Available black and dark brown. Line PZero Rosso (Red) by PZero Pirelli.


Anonymous nik said...

wondering what sorority you were in?

11:25 AM  
Blogger industry whore said...

How's your Jdate?

3:22 PM  

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