Friday, October 14, 2005

Olsen Twin Dropout

I'm not surprised. This is from Gothamist who got it from People Magazine.

Mary-Kate Olsen has taken an approved leave of absence from New York University to focus on her increasing responsibilities as co-president of Dualstar Entertainment Group and to pursue personal interests," says her rep, Michael Pagnotta.

I don't blame her. In fact I was going to ditch school and go into fashion design but the lawyers made it clear that I had to go to college if I wanted the trustfund. Mary Kate doesn't have that problem.

It's kind of funny. The program she is dropping out of is the same one that I was going to apply for. But with my grades I would have to gone to GSP. It stands for General Studies Program but people like to call it the Generally Stupid People program. It's NYU second change program for high school screw ups.

When my guidance counselor told my mom that was my only option to get into NYU, she put her foot down. It wasn't that program was beneath us. It was just that she did not want me to have a complex about college since the program was part of continuing ed and I wouldn't be part of the real school. She also did not have alot of faith in my school grades. She had seen my high school grades and wasn't impressed. She was worried that I wouldn't get into Gallatin. Then I would be screwed.

Which is why I ended up in school on the west coast. It worked out for the best as far as I am concerned. I've in Manhattan all my life. It was about time I needed a change. Besides, how many people in the world can say they went to college in Malibu?

My social life is basically shot because of VD. None of the claque will rise up against her. I don't care. I have plenty of time for myself to catch up on the OC and Desperate Housewives.


Blogger industry whore said...

My social life is basically shot because of VD. None of the claque will rise up against her.

:( i am sad for you.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Peter said...

Uh, since when is venereal disease feminine? Your social life should be shot if you weren't careful.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a college like that at BU too, it was called CBS (College of Basic Studies).

Why haven't you returned my calls? I thought we had a good time...?

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are boring. NEXT!

1:42 AM  

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