Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor day

I got glimpse of my future at this barbecue this weekend up in Greenwich. I was invited by my friend June who I haven’t seen in awhile. Our dads went to law school together and at Songa where she was one of the older girls I used to hang out with. We used to sneak a smoke after lights out.

After a year off after graduation working in publishing she decided to join the family business just finished her first year of law school. I have been emailing her off and on and she invited me to her barbecue. VD came along with me to troll for cute lawyers.

The crowd was a mix of youngins like myself and people in their 30’s who were married and had kids. All had some connection to the law either recent graduates or were working.

One guy was on the verge of facing disbarment. But he didn’t do anything illegal. He had just quit being a lawyer but apparently you have to pay them to get out. It is sort of like the mafia. You can’t just leave because they will bring you back in.

Another lawyer at the barbecue had just bought a one bedroom in the upper west side and was talking about

This other girl talked about how stressful her position. So far there have been a ton of injuries at her firm. One guy had a heart attack even though he was 27 and another guy had a kidney infection.

I told them about the bulls**t I went through at work. They laughed when I told them about the paralegals who gave me crap at work. A lawyer at the barbecue who had just bought a one bedroom in the upper west side heard of the firm I used to intern at And it was no wonder those idiot paralegals were running wild wasting office resources since run by a bunch of Yalies.

She told me that Yalies suck ass when it comes to law. They focus on theory rather than the practical. This Yalie who kept debating over the signifigance of 4 dollars on a case she was working on. I really found that surprising since it is Ivy league. She told me that means nothing to law firms since Yale does not give out grades and then she said it was probably the reason why Bill Clinton went there. Another one of her friends mentioned that they had a third year Yalie working for over the summer and that is one person that definitely will not be getting a job offer. I

I began picking their brains about law schools. The first one that came off the top of my head was NYU and if it was really better than Columbia because I read that on the web. I really kicked the beehive with that one. They were like Columbia will always be higher since it is an ivy league and the reason why they always list that is because NYU probably lobbied for that position. Also Columbia law school graduates could care less who they are ranked with whether is NYU or Harvard. All they care about is getting a job and making bank.

During the barbecue I asked June over coronas how she was doing. She told her first year was total hell but at least she made all A’s. Now she has to juggle interviews and maintaining her grades. I told her I was thinking of going to law school and she almost choked on her beer. She told me to be very careful since it is a huge commitment. I will have no life for the first year and it is a lot of memorization.

VD almost caused a scene since she was getting a little too comfortable with an associate who turned out to be married. There were no exchanges of bodily fluid but it was obvious some chemistry was going on. It didn’t go as far as the phone exchange but I think it was because the wife was in shooting distance.

It has given me a lot to think about. I have to look at the LSATs.

But it seems like there are more important things out there right now.
Those poor people in NOLA. Where the hell was our gov't when they were needed?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you donated any of this month's payment from that trust fund of yours to the Red Cross, PP?

4:53 PM  
Blogger Pradaprincess said...

The Rents took care of that.

7:37 PM  
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