Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Three days and counting

90210 girl is getting in her last licks. There is has been a problem with the light above her cubicle. It has been flickiering on and off. And she has been complaining about to anyone who would listne. But none of the partners care since they are either working or in the hamptons.

Anyways she finally got one of the building supers to take look and they told her that it was not the bulb but the light itslef and they would need an electrician to take a look at it. And that needs paperwork to get it done.

90210 girl tried to get trollho to be on top of it but troll ho has been busy helping another lawyer.

Now she has asked me to be on fluourecnt light detail. I wasn't in the mood to get into a fight so I was like ok. So for the past day I have been calling the super every two hours to see what the status is. It is the same answer. They are working on it.

I am just waiting for Friday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and document this task. Keep a log of the number and frequency of calls you make to the super, and try to get as much of an answer as you can from the maintenance people. Then, when your internship ends on Friday, if the issue is still not resolved, if challenged in the slightest way (as in, why didn't you get this done before leaving), you will hand over your paperwork and say "Here are the phone records of when I called and the answers I got; you can see how often I was calling." It's a good practice when assigned a task like this.

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