Monday, April 04, 2005

Sin City

"Excuse me"


"You will be one day."

This is the conversation I had with this creepy guy at the Theatre in Union Square yesterday. I was waiting for the claque by ticket taker when this guy went past me to the ticket taker. I was like what. When the rest of the girls came up I told them what happened. VD was really p'oed. She was stuck in a feed room for the last 24 hours checking on video straight from the Vatican while some 35 year old production assistant kept coming in hitting on her.

She was itching to get into a fight. K, T and B were all suffering from cabin fever and I just wanted to watch a movie.

Sin City kicked ass. I am not a major fan of black and white but I hardly noticed it watching this moive. Ok. Not all of it was b&w. There were touches of color.

VD loved it when the hookers got their bitch on. I won't give it away but VD talked about getting a samurai sword and an uzi and going to work on that 35 year old production assistant. Whenever he would visit her in the feed room he would try to mpress her with his film connections and about audtions or film roles he never got. He would tell her that he could have been in Pearl Harbor but Hartnett got that role. Hartnett was really great in Sin City. And I think saw a Gilmore Girl. I wasn't sure.

Vd kept shooting him down like if he was such a big deal why was he talking to him and not Martin Scorcese. He kept making excuses that the film industry is so corrupt and he wanted to do something that was more pure to his soul.

I got to admit the guy had lines that could string along a prom queen from the Ozarks.

I want to be a little girl who is rescued by Bruce Willis and becomes a stripper in dancing on a bar surrounded by the scum of the underworld. I want a lasso and leather chaps showing my flat stomach and an ass to kill for. I want to jump off the bar and be kissed by the man who I wrote letters to for 9 years. I want to be Jessica Alba.


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