Saturday, February 19, 2005

Le Suck

This place blows. The prix fixed meal was a complete rip off. You could get most of this stuff at any falafel joint for a quarter of the price. It was an atkins nightmare since the menu consisted mostly of pita bread. T was freaking out about since she was on atkins. It was her fault since she picked it.

At one point the belly dancer came up and began banging her finger cymbals. At first the dancing was school than it got really cheesy when she began dancing with this little girl having dinner with her family and then with the =dad and everyone was clapping. It felt like we were at chuck e cheese. At one point the belly dancer was trying to get arouse this man and his entire table was laughing at him. We later found out he was gay. K got pissed when her dress got all wet but none of us coudl figure out where the water came from. She was looking around for leaks in the ceiling the whole time.

Service sucked ass. B and T took ten minutes to find us because the hostess said we were in the back but its a freaking maze. What really pissed me off was that they had this washroom attendant who would turn on the facuet and squirt soap on your hands. I mean what is this the China Club? Washroom help is always inside the bathroom. The east village is sooo overrated.


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Anonymous Sleepless in Seattle said...

Thank you Prada Princess. That did just the trick for my insomnia.

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le suck is right.

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and how bout that Tarot card chick there who just cant get any business..

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