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The end of the Manhattan club scene

I almost s*** a brick when VD emailed me this article about this service which will get you into clubs for a price. This is a complete B&T nightmare. Basically you pay $350 to $1250 and have people get you into the VIP rooms and hang out with you. Basically they are club hos paid to make you look like a player.

"I hope there's a line 50 feet long at Spirit just so I can bypass the whole thing," Mr. Lima, who lives and works in New Jersey, said as he headed out of Cielo. "You know what it feels like to get out of the car and walk straight into the club without having to deal with doormen or bouncers. It's amazing."

Yeah. I know that feeling but I earned that feeling. Unlike you.

A week before Mr. Lima visited Cielo, three women in their mid-20's from Weehawken, N.J. - a nurse, a clerk and a teacher - paid $350 each to be ferried from Copacabana to Plaid and then to Webster Hall. All three are regular clubgoers and could have passed through the portals without the aid of CENSORED, though they probably would have had to stand in line a while.

Ohmigod the business is run in B&T territory and all of their customers are B&T.

He told the story of a dozen executives from a Minneapolis financial consulting firm who were visiting New York for a conference. "We didn't plan this part," Mr. Roefaro said, "but they hired fake paparazzi to photograph them getting in and out of the limo. They also had their own velvet rope and red carpet they carried around with them."

What the f***? Hire your own paparazzi? Bring your own red carpet? I did that at my bat mitzvah.

If this business catches on the club scene is going to look like this.

I will be so p*** off if Manhattan nightlife turns into the Jersey shore. Part of the club experience is trying to get in. My first time I went to a club was Webster Hall. That was when it first opened up and before it became an NYU breeding ground. I was a freshman than and a bunch of us tried to get in even though we were wearing these scandalous Donna Karan outfits and these really great fake ids VD's big brother made on his mac the bouncers wouldn't let us in. I was so depressed. But then my sister schooled me in club tactics.

Its simply all about the attitude. Not how much money you have or how nice you are. You got to have the attitude that you are all that. That its the clubs privillege that you are even standing on the line. They don't want people who look like they have never been in a club. They want people who act like they go to these places all the time. But be cool. Talk to the bouncers. But just talk to them. Don't beg to get in. Just chill. Make them feel that hanging out with them is cool. If somone walks past the line and gets in. Be cool. Don't be jealous. Just think of them as people who could not hack it and have no self esteem.

The next week we put on our war paint and broker low cuts and tank tops and the DKNY army marched over to Webster Hall at 11pm. We acted the part and chilled with the bouncers and at 1am they us in. It was so awesome being in the club. I don't remember much since I was completely toasted that night but we seemed to have made a good impression with the bouncers because after that we were always on the guest list. Word spread about us and soon we had all access because the promoters knew we always made the scene. Girls would curse us out for getting passed the line but we just laughed at them. Part of the experience is the hassles. That's waht makes it so much fun and when walk past that line you thats means you earned the stripes.

If this catches on it will change the whole club dynamic. When a club first opens up and is mixed together like a good pomitini with the right promoters, location, lighting, bartenders, waitresses and DJ than it can last at least 2-3 years. Clubs like Studio 54 can last for more than a decade. But that hardly happens. What will happen is that clubs wil last maybe less than a year. They will open up. Get hot. And these party whores come in and lead an invasion of B&T into the clubs which will make them suck so bad. But the club promoters won't care. They will bleed these club hos and their johns dry and after the club shuts down the promoters just open another one. And the circle of life continues.

"I talked to someone at Marquee about our clients coming to the club, and she said, 'Sure, come down, we're interested,' " Mr. King said, and laughed. "I went there but the doorman wouldn't let me in."

I thought the Marquee was infested with B&T but they are really good at keeping them out. I think I will be hanging out there more often. This is the way a club should work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manhattan sucks, it's become all B&T. As a matter of fact, it sucks so much that you are better off partying in Jersey or Brooklyn where there are fewer B&T types, all of whom have gotten into their guido outfits and run off to Manhattan to galavant with the likes of you PP.

It's not about attitude. It's about knowing the guy at the door, having spent s***loads your last time there or, as you should well know, having money. That's all that matters.

Anyhow, the cool spots are now in Brooklyn or Jersey City.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how ironic that you're upset that someone else might just "buy" their way into these clubs, when most of the time your attitude seems to be that you can just buy whatever you want.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's B&T???

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok. i just read the article. come on girl... Cielo, Plaid, Webster Hall, Copacabana, Spirit and China Club?? Can these clubs scream B&T any louder? who cares if some losers are paying $$ to hang out with other losers. Honey, if these are the places that you're hanging out at... i don't know WHAT you're spending money on. i died reading about how you waited TWO HOURS to get into Webster Hall!! it's not about your attitude in this city - it's WHO YOU KNOW...

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd! I just bought the coolest DKNY clothes at Ross - does that count. Come on PP, ebay has great sales on Prada and everything else.

I am so hot! I have so much money!


Get a clue you worthless piece of shit!

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny you think you have earned anything, "hanging" with doormen makes you a dick tease (or possibly a whore, depending on how deep in the hang your get)

And FYI - UWS is B&T to the downtown set. I'm sure you and your friends all have the same haircut, and all wear the same flare jeans and slutty top combo as the LI girls.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. I've been lurking, reading, for some time now. Fascinating.

You have the biggest hard-on for "B&T" I have ever seen. You seem positively *resentful*. Why is that? If you askd around, I would bet you that 7 out of 10 people you asked are NOT originally FROM New York City. NYC *is* B&T, in one way or another. But, whatever.

I am from the Jersey Shore (as well as NYC). But mark my words, I *never* stand in line. Never, EVER. It IS all about attitude, you are correct. However, Jersey Shore people have a word for people like you: BENNIES. We despise the NYC weekend summer-renters just as much as you despise us. You probably never knew that. The Hamptons are not at all different, believ me. They're just nice to your face because you spend exorbitant amounts of money in their beach towns. Just like here. (Only here we aren't as nice to Bennies)

OMG, a "B&Ter" that doesn't have to stand in line??! Yep, that's right. Name a club, I've been there, never on a list, and I pass by everyone on line and collect drink tickets on my way in.


La Marquesa

7:12 PM  
Blogger Ole said...

Christ on a crutch. Little blog-writer, I didn't realise you had so many kindred spirits. My apologies for criticising: now I'm beginning to realise how empty your life is, I'm starting to understand why you've turned out the way you have.

By the way, "apologies" means "sorry". I keep forgetting: no big words.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI B&T means Bridge & Tunnelers..or..people who live outside the specific NYC area; like Brooklyn, or God forbid people from New Jersey come to party in the city and play make believe for a night out.
It really is just PP attempt to make herself seem much more important as she lives and breathes (although that would imply she is human), in the "it" district.
Her attempt to constantly write about her "burden" of family who only want her to better herself is sickening. She needs a slap in the face, and to be cut off..and then we will see where the character is. As I know first hand money buys you alot, but it doesnt buy class or characture. She doesnt realize that her behaviour is a direct reflecion onto her values, of which she has none..except if it has LV emblazoned on it. PP, literally you dont just automatically have a life, you need to make a life.

6:49 AM  

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