Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Never Been Kissed and Third Watch

Last Sunday I did some open houses and I went to see this duplex in Murray hill for 1.25. It was really nice. It had 1.5 baths a renovated kitchen that had a Viking stove with 6 burners and subzero fridge and plenty of closets. I learned by NYS law that all duplexes needed a second entrance, which is called an egress.

But the best part was seeing her.


Lee lee apartment hunting, I could not believe it. She was with a guy who I think was her broker, I think she was there to see the same duplex. She so beautiful, she was wearing a long coat that just extenuated her beauty. And her eyes. Ohmigod, they can just suck you in. I knew she was pretty when I saw Never been kissed and Here on Earth but in person she just glows. I have the hugest girl crush on her. I mean I am not a lesbian but Lee Lee presents a really strong argument to switch teams.

Facts about Lee Lee from Imdb

Real name: Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski: No wonder she shortened it.

Graduated from Harvard University : She is soooo smart.

Her father’s side are descendants of Jan III Sobieski, king of Poland between 1674 and 1696. He has a title that he does not use.: No wonder she looks so royal.

She is 5’10: Trust me she really is that tall. Which makes me wonder why she was the same height as Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide shut. I guess they must have used a lot of phone books that day.

She auditioned for Interview with a Vampire but lost the role to Kirsten Dunst: Lee Lee would have been sickest vampire ever.

After the open houses I ended up at Whole foods to get dinner and than at Whole Body to stock up on pine bar soap. And I saw this guy in the herbs section and we locked eyes twice. He seemed annoyed that I was looking at him. He looked really familiar but I couldn’t place his face. He was tall and wide and reminded me of Robert Deniro, he carried himself like a cop or fireman. He wore glasses and had graying sideburns. When I was on line the cashier was taking to a customer about the guy from third watch who was in the store. Then I realized who he was.

lindsay lohan mom

I am not a hardcore fan of Third watch but I have seen enough episodes to know its pretty good. Now that I think about it the guy who plays Sully is dwarfed by the actor who plays his partner on the show, which means that guy must be like 7 feet tall in real life.

Here’s some info on Skip thanks to imdb
Real name Robert Lee Sudduth IV: I wonder if they called him General Lee when he was a kid
Singer-songwriter and co-founder of Minus Ted. He is a member of New York's Rumble in the Redroom sketch comedy ensemble and loves race cars: A real renaissance man

His mother wanted him to become a doctor: Sounds like my mom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool posts. Sorry you're not into lezbo but if you do decide to experiment, make sure to post it here. LeeLee is indeed hot. Thx for the pic.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Murray Hill... i guess it's true then. I'm talking about - I was a non-believer but all makes sense to me now.

Also, what do you care about Viking stoves and all, you ain't gonna be cooking anyhow!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PP, Murray Hill is a GREAT place to live for a single person. I was there for nine happy years and then a few sucky months after I had a baby; it's NOT a great place to live for a mom.

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PP, ever heard of the holocaust? What would happen to you if you were interred in a concentration camp? You are empty, vacuous, shallow. You wouldn't last five minutes. Get a life, PP, get some depth, get some spiritual sustanance. Life has a way of throwing curves. You could wake up tomorrow penniless. Then what?

4:31 PM  
Blogger sergeant fun said...

third watch was filmed in my brooklyn neighborhood last week, right outside my bedroom window some of the time. they had at least 6 blocks completely roped off. i wonder if i'll see my bedroom window in the episode. i dont watch that show though so i probably not.

also, please, pick up strunk and white's elements of style. even the best thoughts are useless to express when conveyed through poor grammar and sentence structure. it simply gets lost.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Matterial Boy said...

I don't want to haterade on Leelee, but I saw her on a rather frequent basis at college and she isn't that beautiful.

She is very tall however.

And it isn't Harvard. It's actually, Brown. Not sure about the graduating part.

5:54 PM  

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