Monday, February 14, 2005

Frugality is for suckers

The Millionarie Next door says that most rich people buy JC penny suits. I almost dropped a load in my pants when I read that. I am not sure where these geniuses are from but you would get beaten to death if you walked around in a Jc Penny suit in Manhattan.

When my parents got married, Mom went through his entire wardrobe and tossed out anything wasn't a brand name which was probably everything. Then stuffed with every label known to man. My Mom knew if my Father had any chance of making it as partner having a law degree from Harvard was not enough. He had to look to the part. If my Father walked into court wearing a JC penny suit, the judge would have thrown him out and Mom would have divorced him.

This book makes being rich rocket science. It keeps talking about being frugal and living below your means. Being frugal in Manhattan means being a mooch. B had this friend, I think her name was Heidi or Helga. Anyway she was this tall Swiss b, Brigitte Nielsen type without the wrinkles and jungle fever. She was definitely rich because she was dressed head to toe in Gucci. Everytime we would go clubbing, we would have a table and get bottles. When the bill came, swiss miss would say that she forgot her purse or her daddy the swiss banker had not dropped her a check. or some dumb ass excuse. The first time we would cover and let it go. But when swiss bitch order three bottles of cristal and asked for us to cover it VD called her out by telling she should ask her Dad the swiss banker to get the money he ripped off from people during the war. Than we ditched her ass.

As far as I am concerned living below your means is living off of others.

I'll try reading it again but that book so unrealistic. I did some fashion week parties with the claque and we ended up at the Maritime Hotel where Perry Farrell brought back Jane's Addiction. Been Caught Stealing is my sister's favorite song which sang. She wasn't really big on Porno for Pyros.


Blogger Ole said...

Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks you're a waste of skin. But don't stop. I'm still reading, honey. I'm struggling to stay awake, on occasion, but I'm still here. Call it fandom. Or call it the same morbid fascination which causes drivers to slow down at the scene of a car crash. I'm feeling generous, so you choose.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Ole said...

By the way... "get the money her dad ripped off from people during the war"? Your friend's humour rocks. Does this pass for witty repartee among your peer group, or were you slumming again?

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ole, I disagree. "[S]he should ask her Dad the swiss banker to get the money he ripped off from people during the war" is the funniest, savviest line in this entire blog. It makes me think that VD, at least, must be a real person; I don't think PP could come up with that line on her own.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the most obviously fake blogs I've ever read.

1:02 PM  
Blogger flowersj said...

Dear P.P.
I don't think your blog is fake. I enjoy the little glimpses of your Manhattan life that you share with us. I too am sick of being ripped off by mooches.
Lot's of us seniors get together in the morning at McDonalds for coffee and one of the ladies keeps pulling that "forgot my billfold" stuff and we don't stand for it. When the USA Today is passed around she gets the money section. It serves her right.

2:46 PM  
Blogger leyva1313 said...

just needed to say i love your blog

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Other said...

Can anyone suggest a good blog ?

5:59 PM  
Blogger J.Green said...


You should move to Canada, because here it is actually against the law to wear JC Penney suits to court. Ask your dad. Oh, and by the way, you're getting a little better, maybe you can still be my wife. I'll tell my mother.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Sleepless in Seattle said...

Why haven't you been updating PP? Is the heel of your Manolo stuck in a sewer grate? Or did you catch a nasty STD, maybe VD? Or did you take a trip out to Chicago to find your soul mate Tucker Max? Or maybe, just maybe you went to JCPenney to see what one of those suits look like and had a heart attack.

Keep us posted, I am losing sleep over here!

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pssh- she's a virgin, silly.

and it's really sunny today- you shouldn't be trying to sleep. maybe no rain this weekend, even !

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, PP... your hero, Suze Orman, is coming to my university. If you can find it in your heart to slum, East Lansing would be just tickled to be graced by your presence!! Please, PP, please come bring style to Michigan State University. Help us get out the word that UGGS are UGLY! God knows that everyone will listen to you!!....


6:09 PM  

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