Friday, February 23, 2007

Nostalgia is dead

Nostalgia is dead

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker once about nostalgia. He was raised in the 80’s where he gorged himself on 80’s television staples like the A-team and Miami Vice. It was the era where Michael Mann and Stephen J. Cannel ruled the airwaves.

One of his favorite shows was the cartoon GIJoe. He always watched the mini series and when it began to air every day he was at his television right after school. The best days were Fridays when he would get together with his friends to watch the episodes. What was even better was when the Transformers were added to the line up.

Then the shows were canceled and they only lived in his memories. When the years passed he would hear a theme song or see a random toy in a store and he would remember those days. Then in college he found like-minded geeks who also remember those days and they relived it bootleg tapes of their favorite cartoons.

But now as he put it, Nostalgia is dead. As soon as a show is cancelled it is packed in a DVD to be sold on the Internet. Eventually all shows will be available to watch online. Even the commercials of that were shown at that time. There is no such thing as the generation gap because if someone older spouts out something that seems antiquated, well all someone has to do is go online to figure out what those words means. The phrase “You needed to be there.” doesn’t mean anything because you don’t have to be there; all you have to d is go to wikipedia.

Then he got a little weird. And begin talking about nostalgia as loss, mourning, remembrance of days gone past. His argument was that without nostalgia there is no meaning that is why the life cycle of television is now so quick and meaningless.

I am thinking about this as I stare at my DVR that contains the final episode of the OC. I am unsure what to do. Should I wait a couple of more weeks before I watch the final episode or should I just get it over with? When I saw the first episode I instantly fell in love with the story of a kid from Chino living in a posh suburb that even his parents couldn’t afford to live in.

Now it is all over, like a high school summer romance. But I don’t want it to need. I want that same feeling I get every night the show is on. I am afraid I am going to lose that feeling. That it will be just another show.

I admit it. I lost interest after they killed off Mischa Barton, but I slowly started to get back into it. Then they decide to pull the plug.

I’ll wait another day.


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