Sunday, February 18, 2007

Holy Sh*t!

This is f**ked in the head.

As anyone who has read my blog, I have had my freak out moments. I averaged two about a year during college. One time it was so bad that my big sister had to fly out for the weekend to coax me out from under my desk. My last meltdown was when I was freaking out over the fact I was so overwhelmed with school work. It stopped before it went past stage one, which is when I order a family sized bucket of chicken, when my parents showed up and surprised me since they were on their way coming home from Asia.
It was a strange day because I should have been studying but instead I spent the whole time eating with my parents and looking at their pictures from their trip to Asia. After they left, I felt, well at peace. It was weird. I mean I saw everything beyond my problems. If I screwed up my classes, I could always do summer school. It would suck but it wasn't the end of the world.
This goes beyond her being a celebrity. This about a woman who is in serious trouble. I have nothing against a woman shaving her head, but the way she went about doing it, I mean this isn't normal.


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