Monday, January 15, 2007

Fighting the dragon

This field of golden wheat shimmered in the light of the sun which warmed my face. A cool light wind blew across the field which made roll like waves on a beach. Then it got weird.

I was standing in the field when a red two headed dragon came into the sky. It made a horrible screech that pierced the air and brought forth mass of dark clouds then it began to shoot flames out of its mouths destroying the fields and any memory of a beautiful day.

I felt scared helpless. Then I got very, very angry. It was then I saw a sword and a shield on the ground and I grabbed both of them and began to run toward the two headed dragon. The dragon began shoot flames down on me but I blocked it with my shield. I could feel the heat all over my body but the fear of being burnt alive was crushed by this one powerful thought. "You're going down."

With a mighty yell, I sprung up into the air and landed on the chest of the dragon and proceeded to slash and cut away. The dragon roared with anger but I would not stop. Then the dragon smacked away my shield and was about to set me aflame when I took my sword with both hand and with a downward motion and I plunged it all the way in its chest.

There was a bright flash and then a deafening explosion. I found myself sailing in the air. Then I was laying in the grass watching the two headed dragon stumble violently to its death. A smile curled in my lips.

Then I woke up. I was a little confused. I mean I never had a dream where I dress up as Joan of Arc. My dreams usually involve manolo blahniks and Ben and Jerry's. I had just talked to my Dad about what was going on at work. Was the dragon the two glamour asses from work? If that was the case what did the sword and shield represent? This is what happens when you work with people who's sole occupation is playing Dungeons and Dragons.

But then it became clear. I had to fight. No matter how scared I was of these girls, I had to take a stand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, yes...? (breathlessly)

3:06 AM  
Anonymous Ole said...

Well, you could certainly find.

Or you could come up with a cunning plan that would a) expose them for the nasty little skinwastes they are, and b) demonstrate to the powers that be in your office that you're more intelligent, more conscientious, and more diplomatic than they ever suspected.

Thinking rings round people. It's fun. Give it a go.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Ole said...

That "find" should read "fight", obviously. Oops.

6:58 AM  

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