Monday, July 17, 2006

Stoli now

At around 11 am today air conditoning in the office went down. Within a hour the boss told everyone to take off and work from home. There was no way anything was going to get done. But did moi get to leave?

No. The trainer saw this as an opporuntity for me to learn how to deal with facilities. He told me that one of the responsibilities of the coordinator is put out fires. Then he toldme to stay hydrated just as left me alone in the sweltering office.

So for three hours I boiled in my own sweat while trying to locate the facilties manager. I took some breaks to step outside to try and cool off but that was not happening. When I did get the facilities manager he told me that they were working on it and everything would be up and ready by tomorrow.

So far my days have been filled with editing reports about comic books, arranging travel for comic book conventions. And if I hear another person raving about how Brandon Routh is an amazing Superman I will slam my head into a wall.

I miss fashion. I miss talking about shoes. I miss talking about being a girly girl.


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