Monday, July 10, 2006

First Day of work

Today I arrived at 9 am at the office to find it pretty much empty. My boss was quite apologetic. He thought the guy who was supposed to train was still recovering from last night. In fact it would only us in the office since the rest of the staff drove all night from Baltimore because of car trouble.

"What were they doing?" I asked

My boss sipped his coffee.

"They were at shore leave."

"Shore leave? Is that Navy thing?"

My boss's face lit up witha light smirl.

"Shore Leave is a sci fi convention that takes place in Baltimore every year. It is primarily focused on Star Trek, hence the term Shore Leave."

He probably saw my the weird look on my face and stopped.

"You'll figure it out. Here."

He went over to a desk and turned on a computer for me and showed me the site.

The moment I started to look at the site I just wanted to walk out of the office. I mean I didn't understand half the stuff that was on the site. I mean what the hell is Farscape? And who are these people?

I know I could have just quit right. Tell the whole world to f**k off. I got screwed over already from ym last job. I don't owe anyone anything. And none of those people are going to miss me anyway.

But I stay. I don't quit. I stick around. Why. Because I have to.

Lunch hour rolled around and the boss told me that I could take my time but just be back at 3pm. Which was fine because I needed to get out of the office.

I ended up walking around the city and found myself at B Republic at Grand Central. They were in their close out sale so I snagged these really cute cotton shirts that had their prices slashed.

I got back at around 2:45 and the boss had me sitdown for a conference call. The guy on the other line was supposed to train me. Trainer was really cool and apologized for today and that he appreciated that I showed up. He told me that he would be in tomorrow and that we could start then.

So here I am now stuffing my face with Trader Joe's papa dums. I am really not looking forward to tomorrow because I will be actually doing work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know why you're so down about this job. it sounds hysterical. you're getting paid to work at a freakshow and gawk at all the freaks, only you're not at some shithole fairground.

6:05 PM  

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