Monday, June 26, 2006

Subway Camera fight

I saw the weirdest thing today on the subway. I was taking the 1 train uptown, holding the pole waiting for my stop when I notice this girl sitting on my left, I think she was like 18, dressed in Mischa Barton wear. Designer jeans, I think they were Joe Jeans and a this white top that I know is a rip off from Pookie and Sebastian because I saw them same one a flea market and the seller claimed it was the real thing. Her hair was perfectly highlighted which matched her prestine manicured hands. She held a LV bag on her lap which was crushing with her hands as they squeezed into fists. She had the classic “What the f**k are you looking at?” expression on her face which is the typical upper west side rich white girl pose.

I looked across from her and saw this guy staring at her. Looked like he was in his late 20’s and he was decked out in J Crew wear. Blue dress shirt, kahki’s and loafers and was kind of cute if he lost like 20 pounds. Anyways the look on his face was “What the f**k are you talking about?”

I don’t think this guy was checking her out, the vibe I got was that maybe he was looking around and she was having a bad day waiting to unload her skunk eye on her first unsuspecting victim and he happened to be in her cross hairs.

Anyways neither of them would back off and were locked on each other like heat seeker missiles. You would have thought that they broke up with each other. Anyways for like three steps the staredown continued between the two, I mean you would not want to walk between the two of them for fear of bursting into flames.

Then the girl opened up her LV hand bag and began to dig around and came up with her cell phone which she opened up and pointed at the guy. From out of nowhere the guy whipped out a text book on Investing and began to read it but it was obvious that he was hiding behind it.

Every know and then he would peek from his cover and would snap behind it seeing that she still had the phone in her hand. From my angle I wasn’t sure what she was doing. Was reading some emails, playing tetris or trying to take that guy’s picture?

I think people were looking at me weird because I could barely hold myself together. This guy is afraid of this girl supposedly taking his picture. I mean he probably outweighed hear about 20 pounds. What was funnier to me was that no one else noticed.

Then at 79 st she shoved the phone in her bag and got off, before she left she made this passive aggressive move and whipped her LV bag over her shoulder enve though it is hand bag but it was obvious that she was trying to hit the guy with the book which she slightly knicked. As she got off he put the book down and stared at her cursing at her under his breath.

I was still trying to figure out why this guy was freaking out over her camera phone until I read this.

My guess is that he probably read about flashers being busted with camera phones was afraid of her taking a photo of him online and telling everyone that he was a flasher or a perv. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t but he would have been royally screwed if that was what she wanted to do.

Was that her intention? Did she want to smear his reputation and make him look like a complete sicko? Was she that much of a b**ch to do that? Or did she really feel threatened by this guy?

From what I saw it just looked like two passive aggressives going toe to toe and one person was willing to take it one step further

I have been lucky enough never been to be flashed or groped and I am really glad that the NYPD is taking action and busting these pervs and I think it is awesome that women are taking back the subwa cars with their camera phones. It seems that is the only way we can fight back.

Personally I think falshers and perves who feel women up on the train should be beaten on the spot. People like that are sick and don’t belong in society. I mean thif you are going to be perveristic go to a strip club.

But what is uncool if a woman is using camera phone to exact vendettas because she was slighted on the train by some guy who happened to glance in her direction.


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Did you accept the job yet?

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They want an answer by the end of this week. You will all know by then.

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