Monday, May 29, 2006

Back to the beach

Weather was quite thunderstormy in the Hamptons but it didn’t damper the drinking and other alcohol-induced destruction.

Ex-Jdate invited me over to his summer share that he was staying at with his fraternity brothers. It was the first weekend for everyone in the Hamptons so we spent the weekend breaking in the house. Besides the drinking, the only thing that occurred over the weekend was this fight.

I was sitting with some girls talking about how sad it was that Marissa died and that the OC is so ovah when we heard these two guys screaming at each other. Between them was one girl who was pushing one of the guys away. She wasn’t doing very well until two of Ex-Jdate’s fraternity brothers jumped and pulled them apart. It was actually kind of funny because they are these big ass Korean guys who use to play rugby and they literally threw the two white guys over their shoulders as if they were sides of beef.

Later that night Ex-Jdate told me the deal about those three while making screwdrivers.

“S and A have been friends since Andover. Anyways. C is A’s boyfriend and a fight broke out between the two and A was the one pushing C back.”

“Love triangle?”

I asked as I sipped my vodka and orange.

“No way. S and A are strictly platonic. It is just that since S and C met, it has been like fire and gasoline.”

“What’s up with that?”

“All I know is that those two have had a hard time getting along. But it isn’t lack of trying, at least on S’s account. He has made every effort to extend his friendship to him but C has returned with frost. But S has taken it since he know A is head over heels in love with C and doesn’t want to cause trouble.”

“So what broke the camels back?”

“From what I gathered it was over a golf game. Last they all went out to dinner and S brought an old college buddy to meet everyone. What happened was that C lit up like a Christmas tree and focused his entire conversation on S’s college buddy. He wouldn’t let S get a word edgewise and totally dominated the conversation. Then in front of S’s face, C invited his college buddy out to a golf game and this pushed S completely over the edge since C has never even invited him out to lunch.”

“Wow. That’s pretty f**king rude.”

“Yeah. So tonight, S got drunk and called C out on that and told him what a two faced a##hole he is and that he spit in his hand when S put out in friendship. And well you know the end of that story.”

“So what is C’s damage?”

“He’s acting like a guy.”

“A stupid guy.”

“No. A normal.”

“Huh? I don’t get it.”

Ex Jdate poured himself another vodka and orange and slowly dropped some ice.

“C views S as a threat. Plain and simple.”

“Why? S and A are just friends.”

“And there lies the problem?”

“Why? I think would have been a problem if S was A ex.”

“Actually that would have put C’s mind at east if that was the case.”


“Because that option would have been explored if S and A had been in a relationship. But since that has never happened it something C’s perceives hanging over everyone’s head.”

“Are you saying that A would hook up with S?”

“No. In fact it would never happen. It is just since they have never gone there, there is always that possibility they might take that road less traveled to see where it leads. And I think now that C has a relationship with A, he fears that S will freak out and realize that A will be spending more time with C and maybe he is losing a chance to be with her.”

“Wait a minute. C thinks that S will try to jump A’s bones because she won’t be around as much.”

“In C’s mind. Yes. But that is never going to happen. S has yellow fever. And A has always said that nothing will ever go beyond friendship. But in C’s mind, that gives him very little assurance.”

“But S isn’t even a threat.”

Ex-Jdate drained the last of his screwdriver.

“All men are threats.” He said as he tossed his cup in the garbage. “Even the ones that aren’t.”


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