Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stupid Questions Deserve Severe Beatings

this is really starting to get annoying. More hate comments from the status quo who refuse to let go of the fact that Sex and the City was cancelled.

I LOVE the fact that you replied to all these comments. You know why? Because you made yourself look even more stupid than you did the first time around. Look at you, judging all these people. If you can't handle critique, then please don't dish it out. How do you know anything about the people who said you were mean and nasty? You don't know what they look like, you don't know what they do for a living, you don't know how old they are. Plus, you missed the point of everything they said. Your rebuttle speaks for itself. You are an utter moron. And PS, the reason that people are commenting anonymously, is probably because they aren't registered with Blogger. Not because they are "scared" to reveal their identity.

I LOVE the fact that you compeletly misinterpreted everything I said. Which makes me lool like a genius. I am not responding to who they are, I am responding to what they said. If your best friend in the whole wide world called your mother a crack whore would you think that would be okay because you "know the person." I didn't miss the point of anything they said. I got it completely which is why I felt the need to respond they missed the point of what I said. Speaking of morons, any idiot would know how to register to blogger. You don't need Princeton Review to operate it so the only reason these commentors haven't showed their names is that they're scared. I can take the heat. If I wasn't able to take it from my family I would have thrown myself in front of a truck. But that doesn't mean I am going sit there and take it.

If you believed so strongly in what you rant about, then you would show your name. But you won't, because you are SCARED!
I totally agree with the comment above. Every time you speak back against what people say about you, you make yourself look like even more of an imbecile! You are scared shitless of revealing your name. COWARD!
I just love the way she is making baseless assumptions about everyone. It is so clever.

As I said before. It does not a PhD from Harvard to register with blogger. Lead by example you wussies. What you call being scared or being coward is called being smart. Look at all the psychos I am attracting. Do you think I need that type of drama in my life? Apparently there is alot going around with baseless assumptions, since they have been made by all of you about me.

Here's the thing: The fact that Prada Princess is making personal comments against her critizers is hilarious because she hasn't a clue who they are. The people critizing you are reacting against the horribly mean post you put up about those girls in the article. I know all those girls, and with the exception of Jessica Cutler, they are all intelligent, rightfully successful, and beautiful. If you saw them in person you would be so embarrassed for the comments you made. If PP is really so successful, then what's her real name? The reason people are saying PP is a loser is /c she doesn't know those girls, yet she's so angry at them. It's actually hilarious how pathetic she is!

I would be more embarrassed that I knew these girls. It doesn't take a high IQ to explain the intracies of a manual release. Of course they are successful in this field because no one is willing to expose their sex lives to the world and any woman who openly talks about sex is beautiful to any guy because they have a better chance of getting some action. To be made at these girls would be to mean they did something to piss me off. They haven't. All I am pointing out is what they were really saying and that it wasn't cutting edge at all.

I actually know Prada Princess. I can tell you that she is an ugly person on the inside, and on the outside. And this nasty blog truly reflects her. I am a straight male and I would rather sleep with anyone on the planet than her.

I am sure you would rather sleep with anyone on the planet. But the question that is raised would they want to sleep you who is a complete liar? First of all any commentor or anyone who claims to know who I am is lying their asses off. Why? Because I have no one knows about my blog. My family and friends are completely in the dark. And even if they did read it I would have been outed already which hasn't happened. I am not an attention whore seeking validation from others by discussing my private life. I am just a girl who is still trying to figure out what is going on and where I am going. This isn't Sylvia Plath but it is my way of doing things.

could someone please call the U.N?

and just to add: Me thinks anyone who can come up with the "whole library on goat sodomy" put-down deserves some space! There's art at work here!

I love British people. Only they would find humor in beastiality.

If PP's retorts were clever or original, than yeah, she would deserve some "space." PP is a whore who can't write!

Well you are an a**hole who can't read. I never claimed my words were clever or original. It is just me being me. That's it. I am not going to apologize for that and I am not going to change just because someone doesn't like how I write.

me and my male friends wouldn't sleep with Prada Princess if she was the last woman on earth. She needs to lose weight and get a personality.

If I was the last guy on earth I am sure you and your male friends would beat down my door to lick my peanut butter. Don't deny it. You already outed yourself with your obsession with weight and personality.

This is a great post. Keep anonymously punching people in the toilet parts. And gandhi bless ya for knocking on myspace. Only pedophiles and preteen pornstars get real value out of that poor excuse for legal prostitution.

As long they keep punching me, I will keep punching back.

I think this comment sums it up.

PP, you go girl... don't listen to these losers, they are basically the people you just criticized writing anonymously on your blog.

Its time for the Sohn's, Klein's and Cutler's of the world to realize that the Sex and the City days are over. If they can't find a man, these women should focus on finding real, meaningful, careers. This way their lives won't be so emtpy.
Writing about getting laid in Manhattan isn't such a career. It's pathetic. It's been done. Move on.

Thank you. I think that is why people are so pissed at me because I am the one saying that Emperesses' have no clothes. Don't shoot the messenger. These girls are living cliches. It amazes me of how anry the response has been to my entry even though all I did was pull the curtains back. It's really sad in a way. There is alot of you grasping to your Sex and the City Dreams. You all need to open your eyes.


Anonymous tilda said...

I dont know how the hell I cam across your blog, but I fuckin' love it.
Yes I totally agree with about err... 80% of the shit you say, and I think the other 20% is complete shit... Ultimately I love that you are honest and are not letting all those people who seeemingly have nothing better to do, get to you.
Remember 'anyone can critisize condemn and complain... most fools do'.

I'll add u to my list and will be stopping by.
keep it going!! x

5:51 PM  

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