Saturday, September 17, 2005

Think Twice

I am really mad at VD right now. She ditched me and the rest of the claque tonight to hang out with some Calvin Klein models. T was pissed since she had passed up going on a midnight cruise and B&K had cancelled plans with their boyfriends. We spent the rest of the night getting turned away from clubs and ended up at Doc Holiday's in the east village.

I have been pretty busy because of VD because she was hired by some party promoters to do PR work for some parties and included hitting the fashion shows. She asked me to help out because some of the people she hired bailed on her at the last minute. Actually they screwed her over. Once they got their passes they never showed up for work. I want to scream at her right now. But she is somewhere in the lower eastside probably being used as a pincushion in a male model gangbang. But I am so angry at her I need to vent.

Dear VD,

You are backstabbing piece of s**t c***t. Afterall I have done for you this week you have completely betrayed our friendship.

When you called me in a panic for help with your promotion I didn't think to help you out. I have never thought twice to help in all the years we have been friends. I never thought twice when I took the blame when your father found your stash hidden in your teddy bear collection and you told him that it was mine. I took the heat from my parents because I knew that if your dad knew the truth you were getting a one way ticket to military school and you would spend senior year being somones biatch. I never thought twice when I was talking to that cute Italian Foreign exchange student at Sasha's 15th birthday and you asked me to leave with you because you heard a rumor that your ex-boyfriend from Andover was going to be showing up. Which he never did.

I never thought twice when you called me from Cancun and asked me to pay for your hotel room for the weekend because your Dad had cancelled credit cards and you had no money. Even though I wasn't invited to the trip because I got into a fight with one of the girls who went out there and you took her side. Do know I never asked you pay me back?

Now I am thinking twice. I am thinking you are a complete waste of my time. Throughout all of fashion week, you completely abused me, screaming at me, tellingme I am incompetent while I was running around getting you water, helping you kiss ass with the free gift bags and the invitations to the parties. Did I get any thanks? NO. The only thing you told me to do was take a walk when you were talking to that guy who claimed to have been on the Bachelor.

I assumed that you were acting this way because of the pressure you were under and when you told me to gather up the girls for night out I thought it was your way of saying thank you and sorry. I had to drag the girls out at the last minute but I convinced them that it was important for all of us to bet together.

When we met outside of B8 we saw you with you soaking up the attention from the male models. You giggled as if you were Cinderella while me and claque sat outside your circle like the evil stepsisters. You just ignored us. Even when stood next to you, you didn't even bother saying hello or introducing us. Did you it make you feel better being the center of attention? When you jumped in the car with the rest of the boys that was when I felt the knife in my back.

It is no wonder those NYU students ditched you because they realized what a narcissistic mega whore you really are. It is just too bad I realized this right now.

Just like your initials you are a f**king social disease. I am just glad I am cured.


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