Friday, September 09, 2005

Another Smackdown sort of.

I've been working for years and I've run the "making my mark" gamut and I'm EXHAUSTED. All I want to do is get married, shuttle kids to soccer, play tennis and have lunch with my girlfriends. I'm all for equal rights, but this career stuff is a bunch of B.S. - what, really, is the payoff, anyway?
Hang in there...probably for a long time,

When I was in college I read was book by Susan Fauldi called Backlash for a fem studies class. It was about how there was aconspiracy against women that was formed through popular culture. After I read that book I had femdar and could detect any type mysognistic crap against women. I got into a huge fight with some film student about how star wars discriminated against women because Princess Leia played a submissive role and that the lightsaber served as a phallic symbol of oppression for women.

If I read this comment in college I would have been called this woman out as a sell out. But I realize things change. I look at my sister and see that she has both the career and the family. But she is one of the lucky ones. Some women do not have that luxury.

I don't think there is anything wrong for a woman to choose a family over a career. Being a mom is hard work. But what sucks is that people take being a mom for granted. There is a lot of crap that moms have to deal with. I sometimes think about getting married. I meant it is whre I Am going to end eventually but I would like to do something on the side.

whatever, my first gig i had to connect my a**hole boss with like three british people on cell phones and I'd drop them all off by mistake. I also got shit for cars not arriving on time or for messengers being late. Bottom line, these people are spoiled idiots who are used to having things their way and can't handle it if something goes wrong. The chick sounds like she was angry and emotional b/c her movie didn't make it home. Tell her she's acting like a baby and to grow up. She can fedex the shit and it would've been cheaper than having it messengered over.

It doesn't matter anymore. I don't have to deal with her any longer. I am sure she will be quite happy staying where she is telling everyone how big of a deal she is. I don't want to dwell on this further. The way I see it this is going to hurt her more than it hurts me.

Truth is, without your daddy's money you WOULD'NT be anything. Hell, you aren't anything now...Just a fat ass who can't deal with life as a poor little rich girl.

Okay. First of all it is not my Daddy's money. It is my grandmother's money. From my mother's side. Big difference. Don't you ever, ever call me fat. Yes. I have a bit of a booty but I am not fat. As for life. No one can deal with it. Why do you think people drink or do crack? They need a place to escape. The truth is without me you would have nothing better to do other than reading phone books and making random calls to people you don't know. Get a job loser. Maybe that will help you pay the rent on that overpriced closet you sublet in the east village.

Totally. Tell her to go f**k herself. Then knock her out. I always find a quick jab works better than the roundhouse haymaker

Always with the gentle approach, eh Ole? As much I wished I could invert her nipples with my stiletto heels that is not going to happen. I realize it is not worht geting angry about anymore. This is her problem. She is forever stuck where she is. If she was really serious about film she would go to LA.

Brilliant idea Ole. Slug a coworker in front of several witnesses. Not only will that get you fired, that will get you thrown in jail and could put a pretty big drain on your trust-fund as well.

I'm spoiled but I am not stupid. Not that I have put in alot of thought about this but if I were to get physical with her I would make sure it would look like an accident. I would first sabotage the copy machine by taking out the toner and then wait until she had to use it and then while she is fixing the copier and not looking I would loosen the screws of the paper shelf and when it collapses on her I would flip the switch and let the copier maul her. Once she recovers she'll blame the alw firm and sue them. Of course she will never win since they are lawyers and they will use every trick in the book to screw her over but it will cost them money and clients and then they will close down. Two birds with one stone. It is genius.

instead of blogging about being late get your fat ass to work. you truly are worthless.

How is this not your fault? So you called in to tell the people at work that you would be late. That only mitigates the problem. There's still the fact that you're going to be late because you're a lazy fat-ass. That's entirely your fault. You deserve to have everyone pissed off at you. Calling to warn people of your laziness doesn't make everything all better.

Can you two do me a favor and stay the f**k away from my blog? All you are doing is projecting your negativy onto the rest of the world. And the rest of the world is f***d up as it is.

Stick what you do best in the midewest or whatever part of Akron you are from like cow tipping and cross burning. Worthless, fatass. That is so original. Where did you you pick that up? Reruns of Roseanne? You are outclassed here and you have no game. Its over.

I would go on but I am going to be late to get my legs wax and at this point they are going to be mistaken for Alec Baldwin's chest.


Anonymous industry whore said...


8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a minute there, this blog was slightly entertaining.



Clearing out my favorites list and decidedly ditching this clown.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Pradaprincess said...

Good riddance. Go play with the rest of the B&T.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will go to law school. Lose weight. Still be desparately searching for a man.
And be in your 30's. This is just so typical.

Will you then rename your blog Ally McBeal?

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh indeed

8:48 AM  
Anonymous industry whore said...

why so angry, PP?

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PP, have you given up on this blog?

4:09 PM  

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