Monday, April 18, 2005

Not in the mood

More hate mail from the haters.

Blowing a fello trust-funder from jersey does not count as a "job". But I'm sure your dad would still be proud.

A man's penis is probably the smartest thing to ever come out of your mouth.

You know alot about Bj. My guess is that you probably apprenticed under your Dad. Literally.

I am really exhausted right now. I spent the whole getting yelled at and playing xerox cop.

Yes. I have a job. Actually its an internship. My Dad was pissed as hell when I told him I was rejected. He started yelling at me in the office that I should have called back and demanded why I was rejected. I was like what's the point? He said if you want anything in life you have to fight for it. It is not always served on a silver platter.

One of his butt boys tried coming into the office he told him to get the f**k out. He left.

He called up the firm and got into a huge yelling match with one of the partners. They kept telling him that I wasn't qualified. My Dad screamed at them that I was not there to do Torts or litigate but to make copies and pass out the coffee. The partner screamed back that maybe that is how you treat your paralegals but at our firm we expect that they should be able to draft motions, subpoenas and some other stuff I have no idea means. Then he left a parting shot saying that maybe if my Dad had hired better paralegals he wouldn't have lost his last case.

All of a sudden Dad got really quiet and in this tone of ice he said the case is not lost its on appeal. Its really scary when Dad does that because he just turns cold. The last time he did that to me when I was 13 and he caught me sneaking out to this party in Astoria. After that I was even scared to go to school.

He coldly said the partner that they are obviously underhanded at the firm since they are just starting out and it wouldn't hurt to have someone to assist the paralegals with the scut work while they concentrate on helping the lawyers.
So they agreed that I would be a paid intern for 5 days a week from 9-6 for 10 bucks an hour.

Dad hung up the phone and told me to wear business attire and do not be late.
I was like do you have any advice?

His reponse was no. You'll figure it out. We all do.

When I left the office I saw the buttboy that my Dad yelled at ouside puffing away on a smoke and looking really scared.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like, why are you posting the same rant three times?

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! That's damn annoying!

9:35 AM  
Blogger liss76 said...

Crap. I admit that I've been reading your blog for awhile and snickering about your "problems", but I would be mortified/horrified/terrified about starting work for someone after having my Dad rip them a new one over not hiring me in the first place.

That sucks. I was hoping that you'd be able to find something on your own. :o(

7:41 AM  

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