Monday, April 02, 2007

Kim Spin

I was flipping the channels when I caught this on Extra.

Now if you don't know who Kim Kardashian, she is basically famous for pretty much nothing. Just like Paris Hilton. Recently she joined the Paris Hilton club when a sex tape of her greatest performances was released. Even though she is suing the company that is releasing it, they went ahead with it anyway. In fact they made a big deal about it because

It marks the first ever "day and date" celebrity sex tape release in downloadable format.

Now you would think once this would happen, she bury her head in her sand but instead she is doing a segment on Extra about her new fashion store "Dash".

She is quoted saying

“I’m a business woman,” Kim assured us. “I’m not the crazy, wild party girl people think I am. I don’t even drink alcohol, I don’t even smoke.”

“My boobs have a zip code of their own,” Barberie joked, adding that she values Kim’s opinion.

But Kim’s opinions don’t end with fashion; she also has a lot to say on everything, starting with what makes people sexy: “When you start doing things that make you feel good, you build up a confidence, and confidence is sexy.”

Kardashian also opened up about the mistakes she may have made in life.

“I try not to say that I've made mistakes even if they seem really stupid, as long as you learn from them,” she said. "And I really try to learn from the poor choices I've made."

Kim credits mom Kris and step-dad and former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner with keeping her grounded. She also thanks her godmother, Kathie Lee Gifford, for the best advice a young woman could ever get.

"She said, ‘If you find what you love to do and figure out a way to make money at it, you'll be happy,’” Kim shared.

Back in college, I took a course in politics and communication. There was this one PR guru, I forget his name but he is famous for those ads that rip apart George W. Bush during the last election. He said a key tactic in political ads is to create, a narrative and then keep presenting the narrative over and over again. He called it framing. The example he used was Clinton's first presidential campaign when he was attacked as a womanizing pot smoker. But his campaign were able to steer the public's attention towards his positive assets as a leader of the free world.

When I was watching this segment on Kim, I realized this was simply another variation of the framing technique. Right now, a billion guys are spending 35 bucks and change to see her get plowed by her African American ex. So her PR people have have created a narrative that Kim is not a party girl but a young lady out to make something of her life. That despite being associated with the glitterati, she is actually a wholesome young girl out do her own thing.

Now she doesn't discuss her sex tape, since her PR people probably made Extra sign an oath in blood. But she does mention making mistakes she has made in her past which is a very light reference to the sex tape. She is taking responsibility for her own actions but instead of beign ashamed she saying to the world she embraces her mistakes because she has learned from them.

Of course she is no Julie Andrews, but the closest she talks about sex is equating confidence with being sexy and how that it is a positive virtue.

If you also look at her outfit, its pretty much conservative for LA. In fact all footage of her has her chest covered up. So why all this damage control? It's obvious. Eventually she wants to expand her fashion line for middle America. She wants to be able to eventually sell her clothes at Wal-Mart. And Wal-Mart doesn't even allow Maxim magazine in their stores and they definitely would not allow an unintentional amateur porn star to sell her wares in their stores?

Why the hell would she mention the fact that Kathie Lee Gifford is her Godmother? Because like it or not, Kathie Lee Gifford appeals to that Wal-Mart demographic. I mean how else do you explain her career? Once the public is more acquainted with this new image, stores like Wal-mart will be more inclined to do business with a designer known for selling trendy clothes then her sexual prowess.

She can't simply let this whole sex tape thing blow over. One of the things my professor told me that in politics the biggest mistakes that politicians make is when they try to gloss over something that is quite major. She would use Watergate as an example saying hat if Nixon had simply fessed up and created a narrative to what was going on, he probably would have never had to resign.

Kim can't properly expand her business if this sex tape thing is still over her head. She has to be diplomatically aggressive by creating her own narrative of her own image.

I bet her mom and step dad Bruce Jenner had to be dragged by their ankles to even appear in the segment. If you notice, they don't say a word. They are just in the B-roll. They are probably still so humiliated by what Kim did, that they probably told her PR people to go f**k themselves when they brought up this idea.

Will it work? So far Paris is getting work and Pam Anderson still gets calls to do tv shows. MAybe Kim has just dodged a bullet.


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