Friday, March 16, 2007


We had a mutiny today. Salad Dancer went completely bonkers after reading some research on the stock market. But it wasn't because of doing the research but because she was learning.

"Oh my god! We are so f**ked!"

She kept talking about the cycle and how this was going to be such a huge correction. The Crow calmed her down with some hot cocoa and a bagel.

Salad Dancer had been completely out of it. Half of her circle of friends have moved to Astoria because their landlords had been jacking up the rents. And it seems she will be the only one left. And she has made it clear to everyone that she will never move to Queens.

The Queen demanded what was going on and the next thing you know we were all screaming about the amount of stress we have been under. It has gotten to the point where every time I hear the CNBC background music I want to throw up.

But all the shouting stopped when we got the order from G that everyone should leave early because of the weather.

So hear I am now, catching up on my Gray's Anatomy.


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