Sunday, August 20, 2006

OMG Britney Spears is enormous

Good lord! Britney just stepped for the Kid's Choice Awards wearing this maternity/summer dress. Those are definitely not implants. I hope she is storing the milk for a future date. All the boys are staring at her with their mouths dropping to the ground. Her milk mountains are quite a sight. I hope she talks about time travel.

Here comes Kevin. Okay this is weird. There is this Michael Jackson motif of young boys popping ut and a grand piano. Because every knows grand pianos makes everything classy. And now K-fed pops out from the piano. He's also throwing some ruff war lyrics because they are silencing it out.

I guess this was part of the pre-nup. Yeah he is one dope brotha. No surprise he was at the end of the show. If he performed any earlier, the audience would have walked out. Oh god Britney. What have you unleashed upon the world?


Anonymous Heather said...

I especially liked the fact that he had male backup dancers. Yeah Kev, having a bunch of dudes prance around during your poorly-rapped song really gives you "cred".

3:00 PM  

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