Monday, July 24, 2006

Runway all the way.

I just spent the entire day doing research on BattleStar Galactica. If I hear the word Cylon or Viper I will freak.

Thank god for Project Runway. Second episode kicked asss. Angela you are lucky they didn't kick you off the show. It was sooo obvious you were trying to have Kayne give you good coattail. But honey, every straight woman knows gay man only give coattail to other gay men.

It soooo obvious why Angela was looking for a sugar designer. Did you see what the biatch wore? She had these awful tight green pants that were two different shades of green. The darker shade was around her crouthc. It look liked she had a serious case of crack sweat. Or maybe she did.

Listen Anglea. Your job is to shut your mouth and know your role. If that means standing by Vincent and doing nothing then that's your job.

You are sooo lucky that Malan "aufed" and you didn't. If you better shape up girl or you are soo going down.


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