Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Slitting my wrists.

As if my life isn't complicated enough they have given me two interns who are completely useless. I mean I have to repeat my self ten times. How hard is to to set up a bunch of priority mail boxes? To make things worse they come straight from Angelfeathers, my old group and the first they said to me was "Aren't you the girl who got fired?"
These two glamour asses think they are so hot cause they go to Gallatin and constantly drop the Olsen twins and act like they are their BFFs when in fact they only shared one class with them. What the f**k is worng with these kids? Do you think you are entitled to a be f**king moron just because Britney Spears forgot to wear underwear?

And it is a sad state of affairs if you don't know how to use a pair of scissors properly. I don't know how many rolls of wrapping paper that have been destroyed because these stupid whore riders don't know how to tape properly.

What is really annoying is that the packing is delayed because my boss hasn't signed his Christmas cards. Yeah, I said it. Christmas cards. Not Channukah cards or holiday cards. No. I am not going to sue anyone.

Every time I leave the room I have to do an inventory of the presents so they don't walk off. I also have to make sure that if I leave the room, it has to be clear of anyone and the door has to be locked. That means if I have to go to the ladies room I have to kick the interns out and when I come back I have to gather them up which is a pain in the ass because they are usally nowhere to be found. Ever since that stupid f**king temp tried to boost the DVD players, the boss has become ultra paranoid.

Even when I do hunt them down and drag their carcasses back back they end up surfing the web in the room. I am going to kill somone.


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