Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Judith Regan

I overheard this conversation between Goat and Trainer over this whole OJ interview and book deal. It was a subject that I was hoping to avoid the topic since I think he is a disgusting piece of human refuse and simply talking about him just gives him what he wants which is attention.

“Thank God Rupert Murdoch had the sense to shut down Operation OJ. Finally we are done with that a**hole.”


“Dude we are never going to be done with him. He will always be part of the pop culture lexicon.”

“You know what pisses me off? It’s Judith Regan. I mean she’s passing herself off as some type of saint who was abused by men. In fact she’s just a money grubbing parasite.

“So are you saying that she’s lying?”

“No, I just saying she’s being exploitive.”

“Do you think Tom Cruise is being exploitive?”

“What is this have to do with Judith Regan?”

“Nothing, but I just want to know that if he’s being exploitive?”


“So you don’t think the wedding in Italy, inviting Brooke Shields who he insulted on the Today show and running around with his baby and Katie Holmes to every camera is simply an effort to rehabilitate his image?”

“Of course not. Its obviously a PR stunt on his part.”

“So don’t you think Judith Regan is doing the same thing?”

“What the f**k are you talking about? OJ is a murderer, Tom Cruise is a just a douchebag.”

“No argument there, but they are both similar in the sense they are trying to make a name for themselves. Judith Regan recently moved to LA. She was a big shot in NYC but in LA she is just a newcomer, there fore she needs to make a big splash even if it is a splash in toxic waste. Tom Cruise is in house of horses**t since being booted from Paramount and ragging on the chick from the Blue Lagoon. They are both in the same mission, no pun intended, which is to stay relevant. But I think Judith is getting the s**t end of the stick.”

“Why are you defending her?”

“I am not defending her, I am just pointing out the fact they are both in the same position however if Tom was a woman and Judith was a man, I doubt Tom would survive the media onslaught and if Judith Regan was a man she would be getting high fives for landing the deal of the century.”

“So you don’t find her despicable?”

“Of course I find some of her actions despicable. Its funny when it was discovered that she was having an affair with Beranard Kerik I was more pissed off over that fact that she was having the affair in an apartment meant for 9/11 workers over looking Ground Zero rather than her having an affair with a married man. I mean Jesus, they have enough money, rent a hotel. But to simply single her out for being a exploitive is hypocritical since the core aspect of media is to exploit. Others may call it just presenting the information but there is always a degree of exploitation involved. All Judith is doing is playing by the rules.”

“So this is all ends justifies the means.”

“Here’s a true story, when Judith first started out in publishing, there was an executive who sexually harassed her on a daily basis. Judith realized that it was all going to be a he said she said if she reported him and he had more power she did so she simply smiled it off and went about her day. One day this executive became so bold that he manually deposited his DNA on a statue in her office. Still Judith smiled it off.”

“That is nasty.”

One day Rupert Murdoch gave her the deal of the lifetime but she had to leave Simon unencumbered. When the powers that be became resistant on her departure she informed them that she was working in an unsafe environment caused by this executive. The executive of coursed denied this, Judith responded by informing them she still had the statue that he splooged on in cold storage wrapped in saran wrap and was more than happy to bring it to court and she was more than willing to cover the cost for the DNA tests. This was all before Monica Lewinsky.

“That is really heinous.”

“Exactly, but that’s how far you have to go if want you are going to build multi million dollar company and raise two kids at the same while fighting of a legion of divorce lawyers. You have to be willing to punch below the belt because there are ten other guys who are going to be doing the same thing. And they will shed no tears for you. And if you are a woman you have to work harder to be better because you will be automatically labeled as weak. It's do or die. That is why the actions she takes seem so reprehensible to the rest of the world because we don't understand her motivations or what she has gone through."

I zoned out after that.


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