Monday, October 23, 2006


wow ur blog sux ass. you went from having a huge readership to having none! what happened? why the fall?

What happened? Your parents walked into your room while masturbating to their sex tape they made last week. Listen up you hermaphroditic wonder, I could care less that less people are reading my blog. The fact that over weight girls who should spend time more time investigating their options in gastric bypass rather than learning how to be strippers and hipster wannabes who have nothing better to do than snipe at their betters while they live in the basement of their grandparents’ house playing warcraft.

I am so f**king relieved that every time I open up my email that I don’t have a bunch of comments from people who feel they need to pass judgement in order to feel better about themselves. Not that I don’t mind putting people in their respective place but it does get annoying knocking the snot out of the proletariat all the time.
The only reason why I started this blog was to write about what’s going in my life. It was never about getting readers or a book deal. It was all about me and what I had to say. If I managed to get a couple of fans who wouldn’t annoy me then that was cool.

It’s weird. Looking over my blog I realize that my life is always out of whack. It’s never in whack. When I first started this blog I was going drinking every night, hitting the clubs with the claque but my family was always on my case because I didn’t have a job and was playing the trust fund baby.

Then I start to get work but my social completely tanks when VD and the rest of the claque ditch me. I just wish my life was in whack. I wish everything was in balance.
Work is getting a little tense. G announced at the last meeting that he is going to merge all of the groups onto one floor. It is just a matter of figuring out who is getting booted. My boss is confident that Tiberius group will be untouched because Battlestar Galactica has been bringing in huge numbers. We'll see what ahppens. All I know is that I sacrificed Project Runway for this job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've admired your spunk from the beginning, but I've always wondered what happened between you and VD. They were your friends and suddenly they weren't. Are you going to tell?

4:30 PM  

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