Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day

It is 4pm and the office is pretty much abandoned. I have been elected, more like drafted, to stay behind for a package deliver.

The Queen had a long talk with G and it has been decided Section 9, that is the name of our group, will taken of financial trends and be put on celebrity and gossip which was our original designation. Did I just write designation? I have been hanging out with these people too long.

Anyways, Salad Dancer and the Crow took off early today. Usually I would be a b**ch about being the sole survivor, but those two were basically sleeping in the office for the last two weeks. So I was willing to cut them some slack.

So here I am all alone. My plans are up in the air for Labor Day. I have been invited to a barbecue. Not sure if I will go. Not sure what I am doing with my life.


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