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Smacking Silverman

This is going to come as a shock to all of you but I have never found Sarah Silverman all that funny. Her shtick is this whole ,"Look at me I'm a Jewish girl and I am going to say offensive things about Chinese people when in fact I love them." That incident on Conan O'brien has been pretty much her career high point. I mean did you see her at the MTV movie awards? I was not impressed/ She had one or tow jokes about Paris Hilton and jail, but even a monkey can pull that off. The fact of the matter is that she can only do shows that have puppets in them. In fact she is no better than Carrot Top who is actually more original.

Awhile ago, I saw a promo of hers on Comedy Central about her new show. She made this joke about Huey Lewis and the news sending her a fan letter. When I saw this I was like How is this funny? Who the hell is Huey Lewis and News? Then I did a search and found out that Jimmy Kimmel, her latest comedic sugar daddy is a huge fan. Oh wow. Inside joke. You are so cool. HELLO! I am sure this was really funny when she was thinking this up but here's the problem. NOBODY CARES!

Awhile ago, they did a profile of her in the NYT magazine. It was basically a masturbation piece as Sarah tried to play serious yet unfunny.

I know I am going to catch flak from members of the J*P nation but some of the stuff she said was just ripe for a smack down.

January 21, 2007
Questions for Sarah Silverman
Funny Girl
Q: The opening credits of your new television sitcom, “The Sarah Silverman Program,” include a scenic glimpse of a cemetery plot, as your voice explains that your parents are both deceased.

Is that actually true? No. They’re both pretty retired.

Translation: They are not going yet. They vowed they will not leave this earth until I give them a grandchild or two. In other words they will live forever.

How do they feel about being knocked off in your show, which makes its debut on Comedy Central on Feb. 1?

They’re fine with it. It was a way to bring a little bit of pathos to a self-centered character. It’s like Mr. Rogers said, There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love if you knew their whole story, and I figured if I added dead parents —

Translation: They don't care. As long as the series stays on the air. They were so happy when Greg the Bunny was picked up because they thought they wouldn't have to support me anymore but then it got cancelled. Then Jesus is Magic came out and they figured, "This is it. Our little latke is going to pull a Passion of the Christ get all the New Testament goyum to see her movie and we won't have to pay for her rent."

Even so, the show’s protagonist, who is named Sarah Silverman, is not exactly Mr. Rogers’s type. A model of political incorrectness, she becomes enraged when she is forced to watch a commercial for a humanitarian-aid group. Whom is she based on?

I would describe her as ignorant and arrogant. The character is a lot of myself and a lot of my mother.

Translation: Trying to actually look at other source material would require effort. It is just easier to look within myself. It is pretty easy to do since it is a shallow pool.

Much like Sacha Baron Cohen, you specialize in a kind of shock comedy that seems designed to give offense. What do you think of him?

“Borat” was the most retarded yet most important movie I’ve seen in many years.

Translation: I hate Sacha Baron Cohen. I was the one who started the offensive shtick. He practically ripped off Jesus is Magic. But I can't sound bitter. Better say something that is completely contradiction so I look edgy.

In the documentary “The Aristocrats,” you set a new record for outrageousness by claiming, with a straight face, “Joe Franklin raped me,” referring to the elderly television host. I heard that he threatened to sue you.

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t really mad. I think he was just milking the extra publicity.

Translation: Thank god Joe Franklin threatened to sue me. There were so many more talent comedians than myself and I was afraid they would drown me out. But as soon as Joe Franklin went ballistic, I was so happy. That means the waiters are Olive Garden will remember me when I come back.

Do you see your work as social commentary? I don’t see it as anything.

I try not to look at it. Deconstruction is a comedy killer.

Translation: Dude. I have no idea what I am doing. I just say really offensive things and hopefully people will either laugh or get offended. Either way I get noticed. The moment someone actually analyzes what I am doing I am so screwed because then they will realize I have no talent and there is no point in listening to me.

How are things going with your comedic other, Jimmy Kimmel?

Excellently! All my friends are comics, but I don’t know that you would know them — Mark Cohen, Doug Benson, Todd Glass, Todd Barry.

Translation: Oh thank god for Jimmy Kimel. I thought I reached my top of the comedy star f**king ladder after Shandling. If it wasn't for him I don't think anyone would notice me. However it is nice to know I have back up comedians if Jimmy and I don't work out.

Why don’t you have any female friends?

Tig Notaro, she’s a woman. She’s probably one of my best friends. She’s a comedian.

Translation: Because I screwed all of their boyfriends. That one I think is still in the closet.

Tell us about your childhood in Bedford, N.H., where you were the youngest of four daughters. Isn’t your oldest sister a rabbi?

She got into it on her own, after grad school, even. We grew up in a place with very few Jews. I didn’t look like the other kids. I had hairy legs, hairy arms, hair everywhere. I looked like a little monkey.

Translation: It really works out because when I have kids, I can get a good deal with the bar and bat mitzvahs.

This doesn’t sound like a description of an idyllic childhood.

I wouldn’t want to do it again. I had a lot of depression as a kid. During adolescence, you mean? From 13 to 16. I didn’t go to school for months. It was so awful. I didn’t know how to express what it was. I remember trying to explain it to my stepdad and saying, “I feel like that terrible homesick feeling, but I’m home.”

Translation: Which made it really awkward every summer when I returned home from camp.

Were you treated at the time for depression?

I had very bad experiences with doctors. I got sent to a psychiatrist who put me on Xanax when I was 13. I went back for my next visit, and he had killed himself.

Translation: I was pissed because he didn't even invite me to join him.

That’s a pretty good story, but is it true?

I swear to God. I had to wait for the rest of the hour for my mom to pick me up.

Translation: Dude, even my mom didn't believe me.

You eventually wound up at New York University, where you dropped out after a year to work in comedy clubs.

I didn’t really drop out. I just didn’t go back.

Translation: See. That is me being edgy. Only really smart people notice my use of semantics.

Do you wish your new show were appearing on HBO, if only because Comedy Central bleeps out the swear words?

No, I spent two years developing shows at HBO, right before this. I wrote two pilots with Larry Charles. Neither of them was even shot. They’re so good too.

Translation: They were ood because they were never shot in the first place. If they were produced my career would have been over since people would realize that I have no talent.

And then you were rescued by Comedy Central. Yes, I’m one of those lucky people who’s attracted to people who like me.

Translation: I am one of those lucky people who's attracted to a boyfriend who still has connections with Comedy Central.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that you are too young or out of touch to know who Huey Lewis is, doesn't make mentioning him an "inside joke." He's probably better known for having eight top ten hit singles, than for being friends with Jimmy Kimmel. Go here for some more info:

9:25 PM  
Anonymous better than you said...

What the fuck is your problem? Don't say that you do not have one b/c anyone that takes the time to research and comment on an entire profile of someone just to shit on them is truly fucked up.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you, Prada.
Silverman has no wit or cleverness. Her "jokes" are only shock.

Anybody can do what she does.

The first review I read of her act was written by a man who said, "She's hot and she says filthy things." So for him that was enough.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Janet said...

Sarah Silverman: Who cares? Different religions. I guess the only time it's an issue I suppose would be if you're having a baby, you have to figure out how you want to raise your baby or whatever, which still would not be an issue for us. Because you know, we'd just be honest, and say "Mommy is one of the chosen people, and Daddy believes that Jesus is magic."

I love that woman.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prada, it is okay to express how you feel, especially since you mirror my own feelings! As far as I can tell by her so-called show, most of the material came from the back of a 7th grade classroom with a bunch of teenage boys writing 3/4 of her show's material. The damned show blows!!! You're entitled to express how you feel. This is a free internet!

7:00 PM  

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